How to narrow image-text gap

Right what it says on the tin. Is there any way I can narrow the gap between text and images in Choicescript?

This is adequate, but I honestly think it would be 10x better if the “RORMUND NATIVE” image and the text below it were closer together.

The margin distance for image element is the same as margin for text element. You can try tinkering the CSS file and add the entry for <img> element {margin: 0px;}, though my guess you’re also have to tinker with <p> element if you really want the image to hug the text close.

Otherwise, if you’re not into the nitty-gritty of coding, the best you can do is to make sure there’s no extra white space around your original image.

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I have heard of that before but I have also heard that tinkering with Choicescript may make CoG and HG refuse to publish your work since it’s using a “hacked” version of Choicescript. Is this true?

Oh, no. You’ll be adding a simple line into CSS (cascading style sheet), not CS (ChoiceScript) itself. @malinryden did this by changing the opposed-stat bar color. Ideally, yea, you should make a say of this to CoG, but it should not be considered as “hacking.”

Look for style.css under .../web/ directory.

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Alrighty. After a bit of quick investigation, these are the lines you want to look into in the file I mentioned:
Line 356 ~ 374

There’s margin-bottom property inside them which is listed as 1.5em. Either you want to delete those entries (or just comment them out) or change its value to 0.

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Alright! Thanks for the help! I haven’t done this yet but I’ll report to you when I get the results.

I have tested it and I happy to say that it worked. Unfortunately, I asked CoG support if such a modification will void publication, they answered that it will. However, they have said that they are working on tweaking the image gaps in a future update.

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