How to load to a specific scene?

So uh, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s difficult to edit a scene if you play your enture enture game to reach it.

Especially when there’s multiple choices you meed to test.

So if anyone can help, please tell me how i can do what i asked in the title.

Where is that scene located? All in startup.txt or a separate scene file? What is the name of that file? Is there a label in front of the first part of that scene?
Essentially you would be trying to use *goto_scene scenefile scenelabel to get to it. You could also set up a temporary choice block just for debugging purpose, and have a choice include that line that transport you directly to that scene after the choice selection.


well say i have prologue and chapter 1, all good and dandy, but i need to test them.
Two seperate txt files. All i need to know is can i load a scene without going through startup.txt first.

Say, for example, if i wanted to load chap1.txt without using startup.txt

Basically without playing startup first.

The ChoiceScript engine will still start from startup.txt, but you can have *goto_scene chap1 scenelabel somewhere after all the *create ... lines of code. If you are not sure what I mean, send me your files (private message me your email), and I will put that line of code in for you to test.

relevant ref: Goto scene | ChoiceScript Wiki | Fandom


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