How to get a mate in Choice of the dragon

Alright. I remember this visual novel I read a long time ago. Choice of the dragon. I downloaded it on my ipad and I saw several confused people asking for help. ‘‘How do you find a mate!?!?’’ was the most spammed question. And honestly, I was pissed off because I didn’t know the answer. I might already be too late, maybe someone else has already created a forum topic like this. Anyway, I succesfully romanced the black serpent dragon, the green dragon and the eastern luck-dragon.

The black serpent dragon is simple: You need more than 72% percent cleverness. Maybe 75% (I don’t remember). My point is that you have to have a HIGH score on cleverness. Then you have to challenge the black serpent dragon in a game of chess WITHOUT cheating. You will win because of your high cleverness. And thus, it will impress them.

The green dragon from the north is pretty basic too: You need a high score on brutality. Maybe 72%-75% (again, I dont remember. But I do know that it can’t be below 70%.) Then you have to destroy a nearby village. The key to the northern dragon’s heart is brutality,

The eastern dragon whom people see as a luck dragon/god: You have to have a very high percentage on infamy. At least over 75% percent to ensure your succesful romancing. Again, I don’t remember if it has to be over 75%. Maybe over 72% percent. Then you’ll have to make people whisper and start rumors about you. Because of your infamy the dragon will hear your glorious rumors and be interested

WARNING! If this does not work then it probably means that you need a HIGHER SCORE. Last time I checked having 70% wasn’t enough. So if i’m wrong about the 72% part then try 75% or over 80%. The SEA DRAGON is the only one I haven’t mated with. The key to the sea dragon is finesse. At least over 70 or 71% finesse score. Now i’m not sure if you’re supposed to do loops in the air or offer a saphire. But my guess is to do gracious loops in the air since it’s related to finesse. Thanks to @Frogs for this information!

HOW I FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS: It’s really simple. Since in the description, the game tells you the different personality traits of the dragon. For example, the people see the eastern dragon as a God so I figured otu the best way to impress a praised and worhsipped dragon is to become praised and worshipped yourself.

Hope this helps!


Oh I thought it was finesse with the sea dragon

The sea dragon needs finesse. You need 71 points at least (>70) in each to succeed (you can see it in the code)


Yeah I thought so (20 characters)

Really? Thank you! I’ll update my post now.

It’s over 70 points for every dragon (not just the sea one, also it can’t be 70 exactly but 71 or more), just that every one has a different stat (north= brutality, west=cunning, east=infamy, south=finesse)
You can see it here:


The sea dragon one is the loops in the air gracefully. This is one of the only times I’ve gotten a mate in choice of the dragon. Thank you!


I’ve been trying to get the north or west dragons could someone help

SEA DRAGON IS FANISE I had 82 fanise when i mated with it

Oh man I see now why my clever finesse dragon was only able to mate with the black and sea dragons.