How to easy make pictures (from photo) for your game


I want to tell you about a simple but effective method by which you can make pictures for your game.

1.1. Photograph what you need IRL (in real life) or
1.2. Upload photos from the site on which there is a section with free photos (Dreamstime, Free Digital Photos, Free Images etc.).
2. Upload GIMP (program like Photoshop but free)
3. Upload plugin G’MIC for GIMP.

After all of this, you can find the plugin G’MIC on the bottom line of the “filter” tab.

Image before…

And after!

P.s. Use the “smooth dreaming” filter in this plugin to make similar effect.


From the advance tutorial…

*image: This command inserts an image. Place the image in the “mygame” folder, and type the name of the image file, like this:

*image beauty.jpg
If you like, you can specify the alignment (“left” or “right”) after the image name, like this:

*image beauty.jpg left
By default, the image appears centered on a line by itself, but if you align the image left or right, the text will flow around the image. (In CSS terms, the image will “float” left or right.)

Once the image is made just name it and move it into your files as explained above and using the command *image blank.jpg


Yes-yes. right like that! )))


Btw appreciate the how to here, I’ll see about putting them to use, hopefully the design adaptions go properly with the theme.


This is a pretty smart idea. Now authors don’t have to worry about lawsuits—hooray!


No-no-no: Google easy detect and find original photo, if you use modified picture in “search by picture” option ))))


God dammit… And I thought this would be useful!

Guess I’m going to have to draw my own cover art then.


You can make ordinary photo or not-enough-cute art - and before this filter all will be ok ))))


If you use free art you’re fine. Try something like this:

I know someone who illustrates all of his RPG modules with free clip art or photos that he alters in something like Photoshop. He’ll sometimes add his own texturing, but he doesn’t have to draw anything.



That tool doesn’t work very well… some of the images are from deviantart, and the authors don’t seem to have tagged them as “Creative Commons”

or maybe I’m just being stupid xD


But they’re free art, as Sashira said:

Wait, what, @ballmot


Ehhhh, last time I used something from deviantart for a project the author got mad at me…

I didn’t get sued or anything, but he sent me a few death threats (wtf).

Eventually, I had to remove the content that used his pic from the internet.

That is why I don’t really trust these search tools anymore.


I see. At the end of the day, I’m sticking to my own illustrations anyway, although the OP’s method is tempting.


Maybe you should offer him some money or % of income from you project…?


That is the problem. I don’t make stuff for profit.

If I ever manage to finish a Choicescript game, it will be released as a free game, but CoG needs to make some money to be able to host it, and that is where copyright screws everything up.


If a bad search result comes up, you shouldn’t use it. Those might also be DeviantArt pieces that are marked as Creative Commons, unlike a private DA piece or one that the artist is asking a commission to use.

I haven’t used that site in a year or two, but when I did, I never had anything come up that wasn’t also marked as “free to use” on the result. I did hundreds of searches for blog images while working for a start-up that didn’t want to pay for photography time or image rights.


I can advise you to contact to artists from the former Soviet Union countries - many of them make good pictures and do not ask much money (especially with modern dollar rate))))



Thanks for the replies.

Guess I’m going to try my luck with photoshop/GIMP and free pics from the internet, and if that doesn’t work, I’m going to draw my own cover art, it takes forever, but at least I know that it is mine and 100% free.
The only problem is that the final game would take longer to be released because of that, but it should be worth it.