How to download on to Android tablet?

I just went out and bought a Tablet so i could write something for COG problem is i just cant figure out how to open it. I downloaded it with Firefox if thats important. Anyways im sure its a simple thing im missing all help would be fantastic!

Well I’m rather disappointed no one knows :confused:

It’s not even been an hour yet. I’m not sure what you’re asking since I don’t own a tablet. You don’t need a tablet in order to write choice of games. Are you trying to write a game or are you looking to play one?

well you are on android or iphone? i could help you its really easy you only have to download some free programs.
you need a file manager a rar opener and a text editor if you have android i could tell you all programs i use

Edit you want create a game or download one?? download one you only have to download it in your app market except windows phones there arent cogs apps there.

also you don’t need firefox to anything

Create one and Smartphone now brought back tablet :confused:

i only have moviles tablet devices and i coding fine first download in Google play a files docs manager there are tons i used file manager. Pick a downloader use it to get the choicescript from the web if you couldn’t open the file use a unrar program to open file to write your code use a text program file manager have one already .

Its not difficult but its little complex to start but you would do fine pm if you have problems

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All right ty

I have an iphone 4 and tablet IV downloaded Firefox and dropbox and both r still not working

You’ll need to be more specific than ‘not working’. Different problems get different fixes. That said, in either case, start with my guide, here, if you’re having trouble getting things working. It covers downloading, unzipping and first starting ChoiceScript from the very beginning.

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A lot of CoG are on the Google app store, which should be already downloaded. That’s how I got mine.

@RETowers thanks so much your guide is wonderful I’m on the last part to check and see if it says hello world in index.txt every time I open it in Firefox it says startup.txt missing etc. Help me out a lil bit please I’m on a tablet by the way