How to decide Cover Art Style? (in general, but also related to Tokyo Wizard WIP)

I just contacted an artist (@Feather, who is also a Forum user) to commission work for my WIP Tokyo Wizard (which is already entered into the production queue, so I need to start thinking about this). The first question I got was what is the style/colour/look I wanted, which I had so far given little/no thought to.

Any comments about this? Particularly, I’d also like some thoughts about how this relates to my WIP. Who do you think is the target audience and what style would be the best to use? Originally the story was written for CSComp under the theme “poisonous intent” so it was rather dark, and I always thought of it as a dark story or twisted magic, but I’m not sure how others perceive it by the title or content.

Any ideas/feedback greatly welcome!

May or may not have interpreted the question correctly, but…

How about an East Asian art style? Seems to fit the geographical setting.

And feature our dear friend Arcanus, for his very, very, big role in the story?


What…when did that happen! :slight_smile:

As for the cover, I agree, go for dark and mysterious or with an Asian style of artwork. I can’t see bright and cheerful.

Maybe have arcanus, some arcane symbols around the border, your book, stylised elementals in the background… Or whatever you think. (I’ve kind of got this picture in my head that isn’t translating into words so well.)


About one week ago, when I finished the first draft :slight_smile: Basically, it’s about twice the size as when you first read it (incorporates all your feedback, thanks again), basically I wrote the second part of the story that has two paths (writing a third path now, though the game is complete without it… I just wanted to add some extra endings etc)

And, thanks to both of you for the comments regarding the style and the use of Arcanus, I think its a good idea!

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they both got a point there… i agree with east asian art style… :grin:

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