How old is Jenny?

From what I gather, Jenny was assigned as your PFPP agent when your parents were imprisoned, which occurred when you were 13. I’m guessing she has a college degree, so she was at least 21 at that time.

You turn 18 at the beginning of the first game, so Jenny is probably at least 26.

Am I correct? I like her as a character, but I find that age gap to be really sketchy, especially since as your PFPP agent she was sort of like your social worker or something when you were in middle school.

I love the games, and I am starting yet another play-through because I love them so much! I’m definitely a huge fan. I’m just a little weirded out by Jenny as a romance option, but maybe I am wrong about her age…

Jenny was never actually intended to be a romantic option, she was only added because the players asked for it. I have a feeling that certain things got made fuzzy as a result.

Her age is never specified, but she’s definitely older than you are. I’d think she’d be at least five years older, maybe 18 when she’s first assigned to us, with us as her first case as such.

I agree with you, it is sketchy if she’s in a position of authority over you, when you’re a child. Especially if that’s a social-worker type role. But does she actually have authority? Does she have a counselling role or anything like that?

But, she’s also said to be our best friend, and we’re hers, which is a relationship I don’t think many people would actually have with their social workers. So I think perhaps it’s something more of a Big Sister type relationship, whereas she’s assigned to us first and foremost as a friend and mentor. By the time of the game the two of you’ve managed to forge a friendship independent of her role, she’s pretty much part of the family.

I think it’s still a bit sketchy, I was disappointed it wasn’t addressed in any way. We do know that Jenny does actually have problems with the relationship, but I don’t think that at any point she actually states that the problems are because of her job.


Yeah, that does make it better. If you think of Jenny as “the best friend,” then romancing her is just fine, and I’m sure that’s why so many people requested it.

I just sort of pretend that she’s a rookie PFPP agent around your age who was assigned to you as her first case, perhaps because you were already friends. That makes the relationship feel a little more natural, although I don’t think I will be romancing her.

Hmm skimming quickly over the code, she’s introduced as your agent first.

“When your life was turned upside down by your parents’ imprisonment, one of the only people you could trust was the PFPP agent assigned to your case: Jenny Yu.”

But if you’re female, and attracted to women, you also get this when you first meet her.

“You think Jenny is beautiful, and since she also happens to be into girls, there’s always sexual tension lingering in your relationship” This definitely seems inappropriate, since you were really young when you first met her. I suspect it would have been done differently if Jenny had always been intended to be a romantic option as opposed to edited in due to popular demand.

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