How many CoGs do you actively write at once?


I’m actively writing Wanderlust, but I also have other ideas as well. I can’t imagine writing more than one at a time, maybe because I’m not that good yet at coding.

Anyone else?


Just the one. And it’s taken two and a half years of spare time writing to get as far as I have. I’ve got other ideas, but right now I’m not even glancing in their direction…


I work on two at the most. Unnatural is my main one but I work on other ideas when I can’t decide what to do next.


I’ve got two - somewhat related - long-term game ideas on the go, but I’ll occasionally work on a little experiment or two as well.


Definitely one.
I think it helps that my diversion is mostly unrelated to writing so that I may get back to it with fresh eyes.


Put me down for two… one is Fistful of Dubloons and the other hasn’t been announced yet :blush:

(although I suppose technically it should be 3 now that one of @CJW’s little experiments fixed an issue in both my current and a previous game that was kinda stuck in development hell… actually it still is there… but just less so now!)

Having said that (and without trying to de-rail this thread overly, although I think it is linked) now that I’ve actively tried to start 4 quite different types of games (in terms of story line and coding requirements behind them) and seeing what is out there at the moment…

I do feel there are certain “characteristics” for want of a better term, that makes a game “easier” to make/develop/write/grow/add to… certainly in order to maximise returns for coding effort or story lines for example…


One, the simply idea of trying to do different stories in English make me run away scared. Besides that Im the typical person only could focus one think if i try more i end not finish any project


I’m working on 4 now. I’m one of those strange people unable to work properly on a project, so I have the need to jump from one to another.

It’s slow and unpractical, but it’s the only way I can work on them…


Writing one (Chronological Caverns) whilst planning a second and mentally devising a larger series (think Zombie Exodus level).


Just one…I’ve been writing Trial of the Demon Hunter for 11 months and I’m only about 25% done with the writing and 5% percent done with the code. Having said that, writing more than one game would take waaay too long, and I’d rather have one published before starting on the next one, or you’d never get to see the fruits of your labor.


One, which I focus on exclusively. I would be too easily distracted by a second work of fiction.


I’m trying to focus on one at a time, but I think I’m going to probably end up doing two in addition to my non-CS project within the month.

Then again, I have a lot of time to devote to writing for the next few months.


Two. Always two.

I’ve my main project that I consistently work on, and then an ever-changing side experiment testing various coding systems that I want to consider for either my main project or a possible future one (or just for the fun of it).

I get bored if I’m not coding something challenging. :frowning:


Right now I’m only writing one but I’m thinking about writing another for when the first has no ideas.


Juggling two, bouncing between them whenever I encounter writer’s block.


I think it’s important to have another project you can switch to, in case you’re feeling blocked or burned out with another. That being said, making a CoG game on a deadline doesn’t give me the luxury of working on two different games at once – if I finish a portion earlier than a deadline, then that gives me more time to refine the end product, not more time to spend on another game. Besides, usually when I need a break from CoG work, it means I need a break from coding.

What I did do, during Slammed!, and will do during development of the new game, is work on collaborative projects, particularly, comic scripts. The fact that I share the story telling burden with an artist makes it easier for me to do comics work, and single issues are something I can slot in while I take a breather between milestones.


I write one story at once and i have like an entire laptop full of unfinished storys


I write one story at once and i have like an entire laptop full of unfinished storys


I have one main game, Blackraven, that I’ve recently made good progress with. I’m also working on a collaborative effort with two other writers (details at a later date - it’s too early for now).
Aside from them I have two short stories, a sequel to The Race, a controversial time travel game, a multi-perspective, third-person fantasy game, and a mammoth space epic in early stages of development. These should all keep me busy for the next few years!


Two, or else I’ll get bored. You’ve gotta take breaks, sometimes, you know? Or else you go crazy.