As I work on my story a few thoughts have caused me to pause and ponder. So I am looking for a little input from the group.

As I start to develop the keep in which the player work their way through I find I want to give the players more freedom in how they explore it. Instead of making them follow a certain path. Question one is do you as a player enjoy more freedom in how you progress in game, or do you like a set path with several puzzles you must solve or work around.

Second question, being fairly new to the program. What kind of nightmare would I be getting into trying to code a more free roaming of the game?

Lastly, I want to ask the more experienced programers. I have four races, each with four class to choose from, also magic, armor. And weapons. The chioces are very considerable. What are some good tips or methods you enploy for tracking all the options.

Thank you for your feedback

I can say from experience now that unless you have a fairly linear path, coding will be a nightmare. You can branch a bit but overall, if story doesn’t progress to certain milestones, it will take a ton of scenes to accommodate all of the choices.

For example, in the beginning of Zombie Exodus, I was giving the option of choosing one of 3 paths from the 3rd floor of an apartment building. I had to write all 3 paths. With editing and re-writes, it took 5-6 hours each. So, the 3 paths took me 15 hours to code. However, a single player picks one path and overall it is 10 minutes of content to read. Sure, they can replay and pick a different path but all choices take a lot of time to code, edit, and test.

For a keep, it is a great idea if it is not linear, but if you write major scenes, you still want players to cross the really good content.

So a cross beween linear and open roaming, while still requiring massive coding, would most likely be a more enjoyable game. Thanks

For me… I’m writing almost two stories for one game…because there will be two sides to it… and so… When I end up programming massive amount of stuff … it up not being as long as I expected since the massive programming is split in half for both sides…lol I hope the effort pays off… so that when the player decides to play again they can experience two similar yet totally different stories… :slight_smile: :wink: :frowning: :’( :o :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :S

Lol what I want to progam is so massive its silly. But I feel the effort is worth it.


First: As for the debate between a linear story and a branching or more free form style, I think it really doesn’t matter. Stories of both can be very good. It’s like comparing GTA and Final Fantasy. That said, I think CoG is kind of slanted towards being somewhat on the linear side. Sure, you can make games that are open with significant branches, but I think that it is so much harder, that it may not be worth attempting to add so much that the game because a burden to the writer to the point of you stopping production of it.

Any time you branch, that’s half of what your writing not showing up. Personally I think it’s better to make a game where there are more ‘effects’ from your choices. I love to see the ripples that one little choice can have.

Thank you Reaperoa food for thought.

linear for me. I prefer that the reader get all he gems in my story. and I don’t like the feeling that I may be missing something epic if I choose a certain path. so I prefer more linear with chalanges along the way.

After much consideration and thought I will follow a linear path but in certain areas open it up for explore. Hide a few easter eggs in these areas to make it intresting. Thanks for all your great input.

Speaking of easter eggs and cheats, anyone thought of great ways to include them. Personally, I’ve put a few cheats in the character’s name. Depending on the name you choose, you might get a few stat bonuses. The game does remind you that you cheated a few times though.