How many choices is too many?

so i just finished the intro chapter to my game and i was thinking on average (meaning you can get more) you make seventeen choices. i don’t feel this is enough but i let it slide because it was just my intro chapter. now if i did the same amount for all my chapters (there is six) that would be 102 choices in one game. Not counting all the replay ability.

to me the number seems a little to small. am i wrong is it too much? too little? just right?

I’d say that too many choices is whatever number is beyond the amount that you can handle.

Screw it. I wrote like 6 paragraphs of text which ended with this aesop of 'do it however you feel it is best, ‘cause that’s the only way it’s going to turn out good’ but I deleted it. CoV gets into the 60~70 range. A hundred isn’t a leap after that. 200+ is too many. I’d like to see a save point after at least a hundred choices, but if you get to 200 and I have to play it all over again to see a different path, I’m going to say ‘screw you’. There, question answered. >.<

199 is perfectly fine though. (Also, my character generation scene has an average of 15 choices, all inclusive.)

Edit: Also >.< break thinks with html. I forgot. Adding a space at the end of the line fixed it though. Really, I just don’t know anymore.

@appleduck28 the question isn’t how many, but of what quality. If you write 102 choices that fit our guidelines for good choices, amazing. If most or all of those don’t, then you have a problem.

well i have read the guidelines and your blog so i feel there good choices.