So how many choices would make for a good demo?

So I’ve finally came back to working on my Post-Apocalypse Fantasy thing now that testing and whatnot is over. And by extension, I’ve started on the demo. Thing is, what actually classifies as a “demo”? I’ve got the descriptions for the 7 starting areas down and a “did you start here, yes or no” kinda thing down but that’s it at time of this writing.

So how many basic choices should happen before you decide to put up a demo? Like, should there at least be five choices or something to get a very vague test or something a bit more?

The number of choices usually depends on whether the author is making their story linear, non-linear, or somewhere in between, so it’s hard to say. Generally, though, I think it’s a good idea to start your demo out with at least 10k words.

Honestly not as many as you might think. It’s more about making choices meaningful.