How often should a choice be presented and how often should I release a demo?

I assume I don’t want to create my very first game without any feedback before it’s completely finished. So I assume along the way I would want to release some demos.
Also, when writing the game, how often should a choice be presented for the player? I’m guessing when talking with a character, choices should be presented more often. I also, assume that more choices should be given during a battle.
But otherwise, how often should a choice be given… I’m guessing I don’t want to make them too sparingly, where it just feels like you’re reading a novel but on the other hand don’t make them so often that it just feels like you’re playing a game with no in-depth story. So what’s your take or preference?


For choices, that’s a hard one to answer. You’d need to not make us flooded with choices and also not use them very sparingly. There’s plenty of different variables to consider: how much the choice would affect the plot, if you having a choice makes sense, what kinds of choices would be available, how much it’d feel like railroading, so on. I think it comes down to a case by case basis, because each possiblr choice will be received differently over how it’s presented.

As for demoes, release them whenever possible. Do some work on the product, present it to the crowd, see how they take it. They can often offer valuable advice.


Honestly just throw out a demo with as many choices as you think makes sense? With choices it’s also not only about quantity but also important is that those have consequenses. In the best case also in the long run.
And if there are instances during which people would want a choice you can count at people pointing it out. So you will get feedback for that stuff.

Demos…well most put out some work, hear for feedback, try to integrate that while writing some more and then put out a new demo if they like what they have enpugh for it…if you want specific feedback to a certain scene you either can ask for that after putting it into the demo or before. It really dependes on your pace and preferences.


CoG standard, there’s should be a choice after every 100-400 words.
If one section of your story contains more than 400 words without stuff the player can do, it can get boring.

That’s what I know, at least.


Thanks for this thread–I was wondering about some of this stuff myself.

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Erg … I just submitted my draft yesterday, so maybe it’s a bit late for me to be considering any of this. I was going for a choice after every one or two page_breaks rather than every X number of words–preferably after each page_break, but sometimes the story insists on more. Is that a problem? It looks like I’m averaging 400 words to a choice, but that’s including the final conclusion as well.

Personally, I think the “wall of text” criticism is only somewhat valid.

If the story isn’t interesting, then it’ll appear as a wall of text.
If the story is interesting, then it shouldn’t matter so much.

Page break where it feels natural. :slight_smile:


Well, the point is to “break the boredom” and give the player some interactivity. There’s no actual rule that’s set in stone, especially for Hosted Games label.