How does one delete a thread?


Well I hope I don’t get banned for spamming , but I am really flailing right now .

After I didn’t know where the other Choice of Romances are , I redownloaded the app , wanting to play at least the original one , and found out the other 2 are part of the first app.


Now I have a useless thread on my hands. How do I get rid of it ? Q_Q

Guys , please help!


You don’t. They stick around for all eternity. I’d suggest you should use the search function for a question like this next time around though. It’s the magnifying glass looking thing in the top right corner of the screen.


Well damn , guess I’ll have to live with it :expressionless:

Why do I fail at life so hard…


And now that unused thread shall be a symbol of your eternal shame… :slightly_smiling:


@Lucid , just know you could’ve prevented this ;-;

I can’t bear the weight of my vile deed anymore…

I have brought great shame to my familiy…

I will commit honorable Sudoku(Seppuku)…

If only “The Lost Heir : The Demon War” was available to play , maybe then I could live with my shame… :wink:

Alas , it is not the case…

Goodbye , cruel and “The Lost Heir : The Demon War”-less world…