Is there any way to delete a link in a thread?


I’m trying to set up my beta testing through private messages but if I update my Dropbox link with the first draft, won’t that also update the links in my thread?

Basically I’m trying to avoid having the first draft posted to the regular thread. Is there a way I can delete the old links in there? I think there are like a dozen so I can’t see how I can find all of them by digging through the thread.


If you use the old link that means that people who’ve already got that link can still play the game. I’d suggest renaming the folder instead and creating a brand new link.

If you want any links themselves deleted (like the one at the top of the Community College Hero thread), or any other information added to the post, then let me know and I’ll do so for you.


Can you delete the first link the CCH thread please?