How do you save games?

So I just completed Samurai of Hyuga 4 (Great game by the way). But Unlike the other versions of the game, SOH4 doesn’t allow me to save my play through. Can anybody help me out? It’s clear that there’s more to the story so it’s not like the stories over. The same has also happened to me recently with the newer COG and Hosted Games titles.

If it helps I’m playing on mobile.


Saves don’t become available until the game’s sequel is in the publishing queue, which is why you can’t save your game at the moment!


So basically you can’t save a game unless the game truly wants to be saved.


So that means I can’t save the game until a sequel has be confirmed. Can you tell me when a game becomes available in the publishing queue in comparison to when the game actually becomes playable to the public? Like how many months does a game tend to be in the publishing queue until it actually gets released? I’m asking this to kinda gauge how long I’m gonna have to wait after saving the game.

Once a Hosted Game is in the publishing queue, it shows up here:

Otherwise, there’s no way to say how long it’ll take. Different authors take different lengths of time to write their games…

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Got it. Thanks.