How do you change the time on my account?

So basically, I know what time it is… It’s 11:28 am right now, but when I post it, it says that I posted at a completely different time. About ten minutes ago when i posted a comment, it said 4:00 pm. I know THATS not right, but how do you fix it? Is there something I can do through account preferences or something?

@Doctor what time does this comment say because its says 6:13PM for me

That’s the server/website time (based on its timezone), usually you can change this to your own time but you don’t seem to be able to on this particular forum software?

Having said that, my time (when logged in) is different to that when logged out. It’s right to my timezone when I’m logged in, so either it’s guessed automatically or you chose it at registration (I can’t actually remember).

@Porter, it says 12:13PM for me
@CJW, I haven’t seen anything to allow change of time zone, and I registered pretty recently, it didnt give me an option for that. Unless it gives you an option when accessed by PC, I’ve been using my iPod to access this website, it might just give me a mobile version that doesn’t have as many options.