How do i remove "show stats" button?


Pls can someone tell me how to remove “show stats” button?


You go in the web/mygame/index.html file, and you open it with a text editor.
Then, you look for this line:
<p><button id="statsButton" onclick="showStats()">Show Stats</button></p>
And delete it. That’s it.


You can comment it out instead. Add <!-- at the start of the line and --> at the end. That allows you to add it in real quick if you decide to.


Can it be disabled from in-game code ?
This might help with the rand problem


The only way to disable the stats button is by editing the HTML file. There’s no game code for it.


Well, that’s not the ONLY way, a very simple way is to go into style.css, and add this:
#statsButton{ display:none; }
That’ll hide the stats button much more easily, and you can just delete that code to get it to pop back in.