How do i remove "show stats" button?

Pls can someone tell me how to remove “show stats” button?

You go in the web/mygame/index.html file, and you open it with a text editor.
Then, you look for this line:
<p><button id="statsButton" onclick="showStats()">Show Stats</button></p>
And delete it. That’s it.

You can comment it out instead. Add <!-- at the start of the line and --> at the end. That allows you to add it in real quick if you decide to.

Can it be disabled from in-game code ?
This might help with the rand problem

The only way to disable the stats button is by editing the HTML file. There’s no game code for it.

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Well, that’s not the ONLY way, a very simple way is to go into style.css, and add this:
#statsButton{ display:none; }
That’ll hide the stats button much more easily, and you can just delete that code to get it to pop back in.

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