Is there a way to remove the stats button?


Is there a way to remove the stats button in my game? The game has no variables or stats and the button looks silly just sitting up there with an apology screen that pops up when you click it. A speedy response would be appreciated as I am entering the game in IntroComp in a few days. Thanks!


Nope. You can take out the stats but not tue button. Believe me, I looked and I couldn’t find anything.


Yes you can in the index file just delete the button text. Make sure you back it up first in case you remove something wrong. I have remover, put back, and moved the button.






You can also comment it out, so it’s easier to put back if you want. Find this line of code in the index.html file in your mygame folder:

<p><button id="statsButton" onclick="showStats()">Show Stats</button></p>

And make it look like this instead:

<!-- <p><button id="statsButton" onclick="showStats()">Show Stats</button></p> -->

Then if you change your mind and decide to have the button, you just remove the .






The comments made me giggle. Just wanted to tell it to the world. :stuck_out_tongue: