How did they market A Dark Room?!

My wife pointed this game out to me last night. Over 4k reviews in the App Store equals, what, at least 40k to 50k downloads? Just a rough guess on my part. Has anyone played it? Would our CoGs appeal to this same audience?

If “yes” to the last question, is there a way for us to duplicate the marketing or did it just catch fire out of nowhere?

Not sure how they marketed it, but I’m playing it now and it’s doing an effective job of distracting me from my work!

Well it’s the number 1 game in the App Store so they did something right in getting the word out about it. I’ll look into it more at lunch. And I’m guessing it has over 100k downloads because my wife said its been in the top spot for at least a few days, if not longer.

Is the game name a dark room?

I just bought it from the UK store. I’ll give it a review and put a comparison to CoG games in there :-"

Nice :wink:

I recognized the game and looked it up on the app store-- it seems to be a mobile version of the browser game, which you can find here:
The browser version became very popular for a while, which probably helps with the app store popularity.

Sadly, it’s not on Android. I might have checked it out

As long as comments aren’t perceived as spammy it might be a good idea.

Is Dark Room with getting? There’s a free version on iPad as well. Or should I play it on a computer browser?

I played the browser version for about an hour and a half and it looked like it was only just beginning! Without an obvious way to save in the browser version I decided I had better use for my time and spoiled the “ending” of game for myself. Meh. It was interesting and definitely different to begin with, but I don’t think I’d go out of my way to go back to it.

I like how we all wonder how they marketed it so we can try to get choice of game games bigger sales and such. Dont you guys feel like a family? We all helo each others! No competition here.

More success for one of us means more success for all of us :slight_smile: to a degree, at least.

They started off as a tribute to Candy Box, the first of those idle/ascii art browser games around. I found candy box (and candy box 2) a lot more fun than a dark room, but that’s just me. The browser version was covered in quite a lot of gaming websites, casual or otherwise, including jayisgames and I *think* RPS.

What is candy box about? Sound intruiging. Also i think that we should all try to advertise CoG and Hosted games ourselves too. We are an awesome community and like samuel said, more succes for one = more succes for everyone. It would also bring out more inspiring writers to make great games. I personnaly think that CoG should focus on their games quality over the quantity, i noticed that CoG recent games werent that good and i am a bit worried it would keep going. I hope its just a bad phase thought.