How can I play a WIP that was closed? And why do they close?

Hello I was wondering if there is a way that I can play a WIP that was closed, like Red Moon or When In Rome cause im new here so I never had the chance to play one of those. I’d be very grateful to the one that finds a solution.

By ‘closed’, I’m assuming you mean that it was locked?

If it doesn’t have a link to DashingDon, then you can’t play it.

Projects are closed for many reasons including - they are abandoned, the author put the project on hold, or there is a long time between updates.


Okay thank you. So I assume that if the author didn’t change the link after 3 or 4 years he will never do it.

You can usually download the Dropbox links and run them on your computer.

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Yeah but each time I try to do that on my tablet ( Android ) it says that the file wasn’t found.

Dropbox discontinued supporting these earlier this year. See here:

I’m not sure there’s anything to be done for the ones with only dropbox links and nothing else :disappointed:


Haw that’s bad :tired_face: