How can I make effective fight scenes?

The title kinda speaks for itself

By writing well… But seriously, are you talking about coding a combat sequence, or writing one? Because that’s two very different topics.

You might also take a look at the writing/coding in some of the fight scenes in previously published books, too. Are we talking space battles? Jiu jitsu? Wrestling? Swords and sorcery? There are several interesting fight scenes in some of the CoG and HG which could be helpful. I know authors from previously published titles have used everything from simple stat checks to a combo of strategy and stats. Some use hit points, some are turn based and some are not…endless possibilities, the glory of CS.

Well what do you recommend? I’m going for a karate type fight.

Take a look at “Choice of Kung Fu.”

What’s the purpose of your fight scene? Good fights play a dramatic role in the story.

Think of a few of your favorite fight scenes from novels you’ve enjoyed. (Novels, specifically, not movies.) What do you like about them?


I think it’s really important to have a detailed structural plan when you’re working on fight scenes.

Will the player make one choice over the course of the fight the fight?
…two choices?

Are those decisions on the level of “fight vs back down”, or “use strength vs dexterity”, or “punch the head vs sweep the leg”?

Is it secretly a puzzle, where you have to follow a specific set path to win through, and loop back otherwise? Or is it more of a standard CoG experience, where you can succeed and fail in various ways?

Once you have the overall structure planned out, you’ll be in a good place to write the actual action.


Thanks for the help everybody