Help with fight scenes

Currently writing a game and am working on a fight scene. This initial one isn’t meant to do anything great but I’m having some issue with the wording.

It starts with the MC walking into a tavern (medieval game) where they are accosted by two people. They will have two initial options to defuse the situation (may or may not) and one to just straight go in swinging.

The only issue is that the MC at this point has already established their weapon choice and it isn’t exclusive to swords. Any help on a proper segue to the fight part would be appreciated.

Thank you


I’m sort of confused as to what you’re asking help with. :sweat_smile: I think seeing the scene would help people as to what you need help with, since just saying you need help with the wording doesn’t give people enough detail with which to ascertain the scene.


You mean something like these?

  1. Draw the sword
  2. Raise my fist
  3. Get on the stance
  4. Aim my finger

The fight scene doesn’t have to be too descriptive, detailed or specific. I do like them in general, but that’s a personal preference. Using few words for the the combat scene itself works too, lots of people do it, and the reader’s imagination can do wonders. There’s a myriad of ways to make battles intense and interesting, you just have to find the right one.

Establish the weapon choice prior to its first use. Either during general descriptive setup or at the beginning of a mandatory fight.

I definitely agree with you. Overly complicated descriptions of a fight sequence will, more often than not, confuse readers.
Positioning is very important too in fight scenes. Clearly establish the fighters involved, their supposed arena, and clarity of the subsequent movements.

A good fighter should analyze their surroundings and opponents first and I feel you could definitely incorporate that into the first choices that would initiate a fight.

That or write dialogue in a way that will naturally escalate to a brawl.
i.e The brute looks you over, disdainful and with a sneer before spitting once and madly charging at you. Weapons raised.

Then add action choices for the mc to react like @Szaal suggested. a)Unhook your crossbow and aim
b)Clench your fists and calm your breathing
Etc. whatever options you think the mc should have.

Anyways, hope that helps if even a little.

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I wonder if fighting should be the only option. Is there a way to talk it out or summon a bouncer? Also if local policy calls for swords to be peace knotted (tied to the scabbard to prevent drawing so no one can use weapons easily), that could be a problem to overcome and nice atmosphere.

OP already considered it. Right now, he’s writing for the fighting part.

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A fight scene choice doesn’t always have to be about tactics. It can be about priorities and dialog. Are you trying to kill these people or do you want to stop the fight with a minimum of violence. Do you fight in an angry, brutal way or are you cavalier about it and make funny quips? Is there somebody in the fight who is your priority target, is there somebody you would go to great lengths to protect from harm possibly at great risk to yourself.

My WIP has some very violent paths in it so I find myself coding a lot of fight and action scenes. I have a few fight scenes where it’s all about the tactics chosen but I find that gets repetitive if done a lot.

One thing you can do is code *if statements into the results of the choices to reflect combat skills, characteristics or weapon choices that the player has already made. If you’ve already chosen to use weapon X in a preceding choice and you already have weapon X maybe I don’t need to ask you if you’re still going to use it this time, etc.

Plus I have a lot of binary variables reflecting fighting styles the MC has acquired over the course of the game. I code those into the results with *if statements. If your game involves a lot of fight scenes, you might want *set about 3 or 4 booleans (don’t go overboard on these or it will turn into a coding nightmare fast) that can be toggled on or off that will give a bit of flavor to your fight scenes through *if statements rather than choices.

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