Hosted Games content rules

As the title says what would the rules state about weapons of mass violence (In this case chemical weapons employed against a colonial rebellion)

I wrote both a “hard” and “soft” version, the soft version probably being the equivalent of PG-13 and the Hard being rated R. I think, actually its more implied. If your from the UK think of it as a “15” rating

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There are no rules other than “no grossly offensive content.” Hosted Games has published several titles that feature graphic war violence. Some of their best games involve facing the ugly consequences of war on soldiers and civilians alike, or the tough decisions that military leaders have to make about whether it’s worth doing something extremely brutal if it’s likely to save more lives in the long run. I’d go ahead and use the “hard” version. What would make it potentially “grossly offensive” is if you seemed to be glorifying in the carnage or reveling in human suffering for its own sake.


Thankfully I’m not a psychopath and it doesn’t glorify it so thanks.


Aside from being allowed, it might be prudent to consider sensitivity readers, if you think the content might need it due to being comparable to real world history that disproportionately affects groups you’re not a part of. I’ve seen authors get critiqued for handling topics without consulting readers who might be affected by the topic at hand. Might save you a rewrite/edit if that’s the case.

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Yep, consider adding a trigger warning along with the option to skip the scene.

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You have to be careful how you write it. If it starts to take too much of the focus from the rest of your story, it could end up being a weapon of mass distraction.

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Please spoiler this and tag it NSFW, I cant laugh that loudly at work, you menace.


I think that more the weapon per se, the problem would be showing the effect on people. That is where things can become unpleasant.

Just dont get too descriptive with it, I would say.

The context behind it is probably scarier than the actual description.

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Chemical warfare is a tricky subject. Not gory per say but perhaps even more disturbing (There’s a reason they are illegal) especially in a colonial context.

I dont recall ever seeing chemical weapons depicted in a hosted game, so im a little unsure of the guidelines for such a thing. I think if its decided that it goes beyond the pale ill just use the “soft” version I have written.

Your biggest issue will be to get approval from the various storefronts. Apple, Google, and even Steam may impose warnings and/or changes if you want your game on their storefront.

I’d suggest you write the way your vision dictates and then adjust things based on what HG staff responds back with.

In general, as long as the game will not fetishize or glorify the WoMD, Hosted Games should be o.k. with what you write.


Tbf, they do have Spec Ops: The Line on there, with it’s infamous sequence in there so I don’t think it should cause too much of an issue, unless they’re going and showing the MC actively cheering for the deaths and being happy at it’s effects I doubt it should cause too much of an issue right? Or is it different because it’s IF?

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It’s not different. Tin Star does allow the Marshal to perform and orchestrate some truly heinous acts, but the game doesn’t applaud them for it (while the Marshal’s internal narrative doesn’t have them feeling guilty if they’d gotten to that point, the game doesn’t praise their actions).

Not necessarily representative of my personal opinion

What would the hosted games rule be about Pro colonial content? In the WIP I have up there is a “Pro Colonial path” in a historical setting. This should not be takes as either praise of condemnation of colonialism, it is simply in game.

Colonialism is of course a highly controversial topic in many parts of the world. I can’t see why places like google play would ban it, but what would the Hosted game rules be on it?

CoG and HG have published games before that allow you to establish, or take the side of, an oppressive government. Many of them, in fact.

I think what might matter is how you actually depict colonialism. Are the colonized a bunch of simple primitives who are all grateful to their colonizers for showing them a better way? That would be pretty offensive. Do the colonized resist the theft of their land and resources and the imposition of aspects of the colonizers’ culture? Better yet, are the colonized depicted as individuals rather than a monolith, some of whom retaliate, while others capitulate or assimilate? It’s possible to write pro-colonial characters and offer the player a chance to play a colonialist route while still offering nuance and critique in the way you actually depict it.


You’ll need to submit the completed game to Hosted Games, who will tell you whether what’s in your game crosses a line. There are differences between portraying something and glorifying it, but hopefully you are being thoughtful about that in your writing regardless if you’re dealing with such topics.

It should neither be praised or vilified

On colonialism: the important thing is to state the facts, be nuanced, and be clear in your explanation of the impacts, both positive and negative. I understand this is a Cold War era WIP, so the decolonization process is going to be key to the narrative (especially if you’re writing from a French-British point of view, as mentioned in your blurb).

Update: It will be good if you could provide some examples, like with French Indochina/Algeria.

As the decision ultimately is with Hosted Games, I’ll close this thread now and direct further discussion to the WIP thread. I’ve also merged it with the other thread about the same game as the answer is the same - HG will review and let you know whether they need anything changed.