Horizon: Clover

I’ve begun work on my new game Horizon: Clover. In it you play as a regular solider on their first deployment, defending a planet from an invading force while buying time for civilians to escape. However you are the only survivor of your platoon and when you meet a strange ally you have no choice but to follow them deeper behind enemy lines.

I had plan on this just being a short story as a teaser of sort for a different series in the same universe I am working on. Whole point is I want to gauge interest in the story and general advice and mistakes are welcome.



As a person who hates people who talks down to me Add a person who views military personnel as not expendable cannon fodder. She really pisses me Off. So I like to ask. Give me a sniper Rifle, be the perfect marksman you ever seen Prove. grunts are better than Super lady here.!

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There will definitely be a chance to prove yourself

When lucky first introduced, my immediate thought was a HALO Spartan


Great start and noticed a few grammatical errors and spelling, but ignoring that my gosh i wanted to shut her up hahah lol let me in the armour!

@Elo the concept caught my intrest and apart from some typos not to bad defintly curious to see more and how it all plays out.

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