History and religion in games

If any of you were wondering what game I’m talking about here it is.Dark Magic (WIP)

I think he is actually talking about fictional history and fictional religion :smile:

Yes I am lol. 20 plus

If history and religion is tied to the plot in some manner, then so be it.
If history and religion is packed in some corner as additional reading material, then so be it.

No matter how the information is presented, I’ll likely end up reading it without any grumbling.

How much do I care about history, religion, and other stuff in general?

If I care much, I’ll keep reading.
If I care little, I’ll stop reading.

I hate to say it, but Choice of Petal Throne would have been my prime example for how not to implement a fantasy setting. I’m not saying it was a bad game, I do think it was flawed though.

I thought the setting, and all of the terminology, really got in the way and it was far too heavy-handed. There was too many fantasy terms, fantasy names, and rather than immersing me in the world they alienated me from it and left me utterly lost and bewildered in places. I think if a lighter touch had been used it would have been a better game and would have piqued my interest more than it did in Tekumel. (Not saying I disliked the game, it was enjoyable.)

Choice of Deathless, on the other hand, got me really interested in the Craft Universe, and if I ever get back to being able to read properly I’ll likely look into picking up some of Max Gladstone’s work. It’s been a while since I played Deathless though so I can’t recall how I think it did things right. The setting was intriguing without being overwhelming.

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I quite agree. The terms that the writer used was actually what made me quit halfway through the story. In the beginning I was fending off an assassination- no interpretation necessary. But later I was hit with so many terms that I didn’t recognize, that I figured that the game was specifically meant for those familiar with the (preexisting, I think?) story’s universe.

In terms of history and religion, I’d say that Cataphrak’s Sabres of Infinity handled both aptly. They’re part of the lore, similar to how a person unfamiliar with the Abrahamic God would view “God damn it” as a dia/sociolect, or literally any eponym (‘herculean’, ‘pulling a MacGyver’, etc) as such.

To boil it down, I like historical and religious lore being interwoven into the dialogues and mannerisms, but not blunt to the point of chucking a (the?) metaphorical Bible at the reader.

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Well… how to put it…
Historically, religion had more of a place in day-to-day life than it does now. So I do appreciate a game (if written historically) to reflect that properly, even if I’m non-religious. I appreciate the appreciation for reality, which includes the place of religion in history.

As to how much attention I give to it? Well, howww to put it? Some things rankle at me if there’s a singleminded focus on religion. But, I’m also writing a story that has some rather odd religious views, so… what I would say is that too much religion can turn me off of a story, but for some reason I don’t really mind fantasy religions. It can either be a natural part of a story- including those tied with history, or a big can of worms. Just depends on how the author would handle it, I suppose.

I don’t think Alex got any death threats for Divided We Fall, which had history, religion, Communism, and abortion.

The CoG forum crowd isn’t quite as sensitive as the impression I think you’ve got… let alone the broader audience for these games.

I guess it’s unsurprising that I’d say this, given the mentions of Choice of Rebels above, but I think religion often adds a lot to the heft of a story and its characters if you take it seriously. A couple of of my favorite examples are the Hugo winning novel Spin and the Firefly episode Jaynestown.

Reminds me of Neal Stephenson’s book Anathem and the comic it inspired:

Now, I love Anathem, and I liked Petal Throne. But I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, which is why the first choice in my own game is whether the reader wants to be dropped into the made-up terms with or without a glossary and loredump.

I forgot religion also plays a part in Heroes Rise and the plot of the second game. I know there was some discussion of that on the forum afterwards.

I always enjoy histories and religions in games. I think they can be great additions and useful for world building and characterization, but I understand not all games need or want to focus on them. I view them pretty similarly to romance. Wanted but not needed and better not done than done poorly.


That didn’t happen on this forum. We certainly wouldn’t tolerate forum members threatening each other for any reason.

Your argument here is flawed. You’re taking one incident, that you don’t even know all the facts of as an example. You’re extrapolating it to cover a completely different topic. You’re then making claims in regards to those wild leaps of logic.

Do you know what I’ve received the most internet threats over? Playing games. So I could say, do not play any games, because you’re going to be threatened, harassed, stalked for doing so. That’s at least using my own experiences, as opposed to someone elses.

I think your argument could have been phrased better as be careful if you’re going to use religion in your game, because people may be deeply offended by that. And really, you can make the same argument for any subject.

That’s not to say there’s not a real problem of people going around sending death threats to people in the games industry, because there is. But that’s a different argument and one I’ve just not got the energy to go into.