Dark Magic (WIP)

You play as a Witch in modern time trying to live and not get caught by the Witch Hunters or Hunters for short will you be killed or will you destroy the Hunter so no more Witches will have to suffer you deiced. Demo coming soon.



Interesting looking forward to the demo.

When can we expect a demo?

I wish you the best of luck with this. :slight_smile:

the demo is coming out about in a week i guess if e can work fast enough

Yes seem a very cool story, i hope we know more about the lore.

who wants more lore?

Mara rises her hand

well i guess i write some then

Dude where did this come from ?

I came up with it

Pm me for sec

Actually… This ha already been used. A kid in my school (They were in 7th grade) Got a book published like this… I didn’t read all of the book…X3 Jus th first 5 Chapters.

@Talon5505 Well what the name of the book?

every body thank musiclove, irule, and marajade they have had been i big help in the making of this game

that should be said when the game is done :stuck_out_tongue: we dint even make the demo yet

well every body needs to know

the demo should be out soon

Yes and it is good as far as I can tell me likey :smiley:

Yes thats good […]