Hilarious Bug: Slave Characters Start with $40k

So I’m making a Character Creation Stat Guide - where I basically abuse the Restart button and take screenshots after EVERY choice in the character creation stage of Game 1 so I can check them when writing the guide. That’s when I noticed this:

During character creation, you get the option of choosing whether your Dominus sired you out of "insatiable lust or for your "unique talents."

If you pick “insatiable lust,” character creation proceeds as normal. Before you pick your Ethnic Background, you get a base Wealth of $500, as shown in the below screenshot.

Then, you get additional money based on your Ethnic Background. With most backgrounds - Choctaw, Slave, Freeman, and the many European laborer/soldier/peasant backgrounds - you’ll end up with a total of $3000.

While a few backgrounds - like the French Heir or Southern Belle - will net you $40,500.

BUT, if you pick “unique talents,” instead of a base Wealth of $500, you’ll get a base Wealth of $40,500! Before you even pick you Background!

And that $40k stacks with your Background money, so slaves and peasants end up with a starting total of $43k.

While the rich backgrounds like the Southern Belle will basically double their money and end up with a whopping $80k.

…This has to be a bug, right? There’s no way a recently-escaped slave can have more savings than a modern grad student! :wink:

(Or maybe it’s not a bug! Maybe you were so “uniquely talented” you hid $40k away from your slave masters, heh.)

Anyhow, I’ve tested this across the iOS, Android, and browser apps, with different genders and Dominus. (What’s the plural of “Dominus”? Is it “Domini”? “Dominuses”?)

Basically, it doesn’t matter what other choices you make or what platform you use. As long as you say you were chosen for your “unique talents,” you’ll start off with a small fortune.

I feel like someone HAS to have reported this bug by now, but for the life of me, I can’t find the right post. Honestly, I almost wish this bug will never get fixed, because it’s really funny. - Gotta fight that wage gap somehow!


“Unique talents” probably means “thief”

Can’t you just look at the games code rather than screenshotting etc? I mean… Its super easy to do you just click the apk and select view then go to the scene folder etc.

With root explorer on android at least.

Wouldn’t I need to root my devices in order to get permissions for the Vampire apk?

Even with all the decent rooting apps out there, there’s always a risk of “bricking” my expensive devices, isn’t there? Even if the risk is a lot lower than it used to be, is it really worth it to write a game walkthrough? You might be different, but I don’t believe I need to root my phone for daily tasks.

Eh, it’s fine. This is a game thread, not a technical guide. I can definitely look elsewhere for a rooting guide if need-be.

There are a few ways I could go about this without risking my phone: I could experiment with rooting older phones I have and downloading the Vampire app there. I could see who in my immediate circle has a rooted phone, and ask them to download Vampire 1 and send me the files. The game is free on Android with ads, so it wouldn’t cost them anything. Worst comes to worst, screenshots are still really easy to take on the iPad. Without the code, I wouldn’t be able to look at the prerequisites for unlocking different character options, but I could still record the options themselves.

It’s not a bug.
The Dominus pays the MC $40k for the tasks the MC performs for him.
All Domini (that’s the correct latin plural form) pay the same amount to any MC they hire, but not every background is available with every Dominus.

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What @WulfyK said: you’re employed by your dominus. There’s a period of time between meeting him and the Battle of New Orleans, and during that time, you sock away that amount of money.

And you can see the code here: https://www.choiceofgames.com/vampire/scenes/

Why is it when I choose the Irish background I never have any money money invest at that party in the beginning of the game?