Highway Patrol Simulator - New game about police officer's work!

Highway Patrol Simulator

Patrol the highways, conduct traffic stops, and surprise criminals with your skills. Collaborate with your police dog and negotiate on the edge of the law to build the career you’ve always dreamt of in highway patrol. From a simple law enforcement officer to the head of traffic police, now you are in control.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yg5UoxeTPrE
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2449700/HIGHWAY_PATROL_SI…
Website: https://pixeltrapps.games/g/highway_patrol_simulator/

Discord: https://discord.io/pixeltrapps

About the Game
It’s time for you to bring justice to Route 66! Become a highway patrol officer, conduct traffic stops, and catch criminals red-handed. Work with your faithful police dog to make maintaining order on the roads even more effective. Rise through the police ranks, uncovering new opportunities and challenges. From regular patrol to head of traffic police, it’s up to you to determine how far your ambitions can take you.

Traffic Stops
Become a real guardian of the law by conducting meticulous traffic stops. Analyze the behavior of drivers on the move and pull over suspicious vehicles. Check documents, conduct interrogations, and inspect the stopped vehicle. The issue of road safety is in your hands. Every decision you make matters.

Catch Criminals
Your job is not just routine checks. Criminals also travel the roads. Stolen cars, smuggling, possession of illegal weapons, and hit-and-runs. Get in your patrol car and catch up with the criminal in a high-octane chase to subdue and arrest them. Are you ready for an adrenaline-filled pursuit?

Your Faithful Partner – Police Dog
You’re not alone. Work with your faithful four-legged partner, the police dog. It helps you detect illegal substances, chase down criminals, and is an invaluable companion in dangerous situations.

Direct Your Career
In Highway Patrol Simulator, every action you take affects your career. Climb the ranks, gaining experience and recognition for a job well done. Are you ready to become the head of traffic police?


Is that Biden? :sweat_smile: It would make sense given the 94 Crime Bill


He is a bald Chuck Norris :laughing:
And seriously, no, any resemblance of characters is coincidental! :pray:

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Ah I love being a villain protagonist


Yay I can finally be that copper who stopped me because a suspect in local robberies had glasses and was black. In all seriousness after the recent police incidents involving police incompetance, corruption racism homophobia and misogyny doubt anyone is gonna engage with this as intended, perhaps as a drinking game.


Does this game also feature the way that police officers use civil forfeiture to legally rob people?

Edit: Congrats on making a game. Just be aware that this sort of subject matter these days can be sensitive to people. Good luck with your project.

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You don’t wanna roleplay as a fascist bootlicker completely unironically?

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Oh, for Christ’s sake. Have you never watched Улица Разбитых Фонарей or stuff like that? Cops can be ass, but that doesn’t mean we should throw the notion of good ones under the bus. Or never engage in media that has them as protagonists.


Unless it’s Need for speed Hot Pursuit, Ghost in the Shell style cyber police, fantasy cops (ala Discworld) or any number of fictional police services where I can divorce from reality, a realistic Police game is off the table. I can’t even enjoy stuff like Swat 3 or 4 cos I know what a no Knock Warrant is now and I loved those games they leave a bad taste in my mouth fair play to anyone who wants to enjoy or make em but not for me

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Man, you took that joke very seriously. I do partially agree with your sentiment, though. But no notions were harmed in the making of this exchange, I promise you. It also goes without saying, but notions don’t have to be true, either way.

Well, many people find it more troubling to be asked to relate to that profession these days. Can you really blame them? There is a conversation here to be had about how the media depicts and reports things, especially it’s sensationalization of police brutality, but not on this thread.

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The game has an interesting concept, but the discussion took a different direction, focusing on police-related issues in media. Good luck with your project, and the Chuck Norris comment made me smile.

Ah, this is different. Looking forward to it.