High School Revenge (WIP) (Chapter 3 OUT NOW, Mar 24, 2024)

Yep, in chapter 4 you’ll have the chance to train up your skills and attempt to join the other clubs as well. I’ve already written those paths just to make everything easier. I’ll likely just add some dialogue related to what happens later in the story to fit better if you decide to join them in December or something. I’m still not sure when I’ll set the cut off point where you can’t join any of the clubs yet though.

Thanks for the catch with the Burt choice there. Fixed it now, and I’ll likely add it to the demo next week with other improvements. The identity thing is intentional. You had a choice beforehand if you wanted to delete the messages to remain annonymous or not, hence the confront2_burt_phone. The ones where you don’t keep your identity secret are confront1_burt_phone/confront3_burt_phone

Script if you're curious haha
        Now, if you would like to remain anonymous, you'd have to delete the screenshot and message you sent yourself before leaving the phone back on the table but do you might not have the necessary time. Do you try it?
            *set Burt_risk3 + 1
            *if (Burt_risk3 = 4)
              *goto confront3_burt_phone
            You easily delete any evidence of your involvement and leave the phone on the table. Mission accomplished.

            *goto confront2_burt_phone
            *goto confront1_burt_phone

Weekly Update

Hello everyone! Adrian here, back with another update. As every week until now, we got another 4k words added to chapter 4, getting up to 16k. Most likely next week we’ll surpass chapter 2’s length. This titan is really going to take a while, as I still haven’t finished the homecoming party. I have, however, finished writing our MC’s first ever beer pong game. Trying to come up with something interesting to show you, I’ve decided I will now post some sneakpeaks on Tumblr and Discord every week, just for you to see some of the cool things happening in this chapter.

This might be one of the first weeks where I haven’t really touched the first three chapters, since I’ve only just fixed a bug in Burt’s recruitment.

I’ve also made some progress on the second random event, one where some random guy will ask Cecily to the homecoming dance on top of a white horse. It should be funny. The event is currently around 800 words, and the first one was around 4k, so I’ve still got some ways to go.

The biggest news for this week’s update is that I think I’ve decided to make Vivian and Connor playersexual as well. I’ve realized that the choice to make them stuck for specific sexualities was kinda dumb, since it didn’t really add anything to the story. So, they will both just be very hard ROs for people of the gender they don’t think they like. For the beer pong game I’ve just written they have both been in the spotlight, so I hope people will finally notice the two of them for the upcoming chapter.


When im pressing the demo link this pops up




Noo… You should never approach them and just ask why they did it… They will find out who you are and they will fuck you up again… Then you will just commit suicide out of embarrassment… Letting them destroy your life second time is :skull:


This is a lot of fun. I like how unhinged your protag can be about their revenge. Mine is quickly becoming the new popular girl of high school with her wealthy fashionista personality, flirtations with all the male targets, and being disarmingly sweet as she sadistically plots the downfall of her prey.

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I said MC should approach their dad and press him into doing his goddamn job, which is quite a different thing.

But that aside, yes, approaching their ex-friends (not the bullies) directly, outside of school and without the whole cloak-and-dagger nonsense, and asking them to explain themselves would be most sensible course of actions, if it’s the answers MC seeks. At least for me; i’m not really interested in the bullies’ motives, but hearing the ex-friends side of the story would be good for closure.


Weekly Update

Hello, Nigel Profite voters! Profitists? I’m here after a pretty big week of writing. Unfortunately, this week has been a crazy combination of good and bad news for me, luckily allowing me to concentrate a lot on High School Revenge.

Let’s start off with the important bit. I’ve written 12k words this week. Yes, you’ve heard that right. I’ve completely finished the homecoming party event, which was huge, bizarre, and full of choices. Though my writing pace has been amazing, it only happened because some bad stuff happened irl. I just lost my job, so I had a lot of time between applying for jobs and staring at the ceiling to work on this. What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t expect this speed under normal circumstances, since I think the 4k a week from before was more realistic. So, please don’t pray for my continued unemployment just so I could finish the book faster haha.

An interesting thing I’ve worked on this week is setting up special separate screens in the Stats menu for all of the targets, where I give a brief physical description and remind you of their role in the Tragedy. I think this will help if you ever wonder what someone like Vivian or Connor did back then. Since I’ve also made Burt spy on them all, you’ll also gain access to some special info, where you see some of their presumed traits, likes, dislikes, and related skills (i.e music or baseball). I will also add here in the future the clues you get that will help in your upcoming revenge.

As I’ve already said, I’ve also finished the homecoming party event that happens in the first week of school. It’s around 20k words, which is just slightly longer than the whole 2nd chapter. I think I’ve made it a fun experience with all of our weird targets and I hope you will have fun with it once it’s released!

In terms of what I’ve got left for the chapter, I’ve only got to write random events now, some initial relationship and hobby events, and the actual homecoming event. If things go well, in around 1 month everything should be done. Unless I start writing really long separate paths for each RO for homecoming. If I do that, it might take like 1 month and a half or something.


You should do long separate ro paths for homecoming in your demo.

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Well, bloody hell! I just read the demo, and i am speechless. That’s all I am going to say.

is there a patreon demo ?

Weekly Update

Hello!! I’m back with another weekly update, this time a bit tamer than the last one. It didn’t achieve some godly word count, since I was feeling a bit depressed with the whole no job and all, but I did manage to do some interesting things.

First of all, I wrote 5k words this week. I know, a bit underwhelming compared to last time, but I had to do a lot of smaller things this time around.

I completely finished all of the Burt profiles, so now all of the targets have a nice little screen with their information. I also plan on adding one for Angela and Marcus, as well as one for other important side characters like Lydia and the Arts club president (maybe even Helen if she keeps appearing more often).

I also finished the Cecily random event. I am working now on one with Dylan and his posse. I’m thinking of having at least one random event for each target, a few with multiple of them, and some for the allies.

When it comes to the hobbies, I wrote what will happen each week for the chapter when you select to train your skills. I now only have to write specific events that happen if you reach certain skill levels.

The only bigger thing I’ve done for the older chapters (which I haven’t uploaded to the demo, so don’t go looking for it!) is that I’ve kinda changed Connor’s personality. I’ve originally made him a bit of a loser wannabe Cassanova, but I’ve changed my mind and will now make him very confident. I felt he was a bit too similar to Dylan, which made him very forgettable. You might also think this makes him similar to Michael, but I’ve come up with some really good ideas for Michael that will make him very unique. The original Connor I envisioned would have still existed, but just before our character joined the school. Which means he was a loser, but has become more true to himself. This should make his fall much more interesting if you are going for the revenge angle, since he’s someone that has somewhat managed to get his shit together.

Last but not least, chapter 4 has reached something over 33k words, which is larger than any chapter yet, and it’s still not close to the end. This is why I was thinking of posting the chapter to the demo early, even though it’s not complete. I’m doing a poll right now on Patreon to see what the people there think and if they agree, I’ll likely post the incomplete version of the chapter early, since it’s going to take a while for me to finish it at this rate.

Thanks for all the support and let’s hope I do a good job continuing the story!


For what little it’s worth, i thought those two were already distinct enough: Connor was a wanna-be pickup artist and a bit of a loser, now seemingly on the fence with his previous bully friends, while Dylan was a wanna-be influencer who is terrified of the bullies and as much of an easy target as he always was. Their degrees of separation from the shit-filled bully center was clearly different.

Dunno if it now makes much sense for a super-confident Casanova Connor to hang out with what’s pretty apparent bunch of losers in Olivia’s band (Olivia included) but i guess he’s just after the social clout from being the lead guitarist…?

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I’m not gonna go for that angle haha. The way I’m gonna portray him is going to be more of a ‘charming guy’ with a lot of insecurities. However, I felt like I’ve made those insecurities a bit too clear from the get go and would like to make him appear stronger than he actually is. I want to portray him as someone that people like, and a clear contender to Michael’s ‘throne’. Still, he will be much easier to break than Michael since he will have some clear flaws that will be easy to manipulate.

In the eyes of Michael, Isaac, and Vivian he still appears this way.


Weekly Update

Hi! New update people, and for some of you it’s going to be a big one! After looking at the poll results from last week, I’ve decided to upload chapter 4 as is for Patreon users and will also release it for everyone else to read a month later! This way I’ll also see all of the bugs early on and see what people think of it before releasing it to the larger populace. From my point of view, chapter 4 is only 50% complete right now, but I believe it’s in a playable state that should still be entertaining.

In terms of actual things I’ve written, I’ve only completed two random events, and started the first relationship event with Dylan, coming up to around 5 to 6k words this week.

Sorry for the shorter update, I just want to see the feedback to what I’ve written until now and see how I can improve the story further. I hope I’ll have more to say next week! Thanks for the continued support!


hey i can’t flirt with anyone even when i changed my choices. i reached where i meet Michael for the first time in high school

Who did you choose as a mentor?

Some of the flirt options are only available for MC who has pickup artist dad as their role model.


psychologist and prosecutor

Weekly Update

New update. Not too interesting though, as I had to rewrite a part and fight with my own ideas on and on. I’m struggling with Dylan’s relationship event, as I want to make him vulnerable, but I don’t want it to feel like it’s happening out of nowhere. And, due to the random events and all, I don’t know if it’s unnatural for it to happen or not so early. I guess I’ll just have to finish it and let you guys test it so I can get a feel from you as well.

In real terms, the word count of the chapter increased by around 3k words, but if I’d have to count the rewritten words for Dylan’s event, I’d also have an extra 2 to 3k words on top. I’ve written a complete random event where our MC bumps into Isaac and Haley at the Grand Brew, where you can attempt to prank that son of a biscuit.

The early access demo has been pretty successful in helping me figure out that there were some issues with the weekly system I’ve created, so I’ve made it more clear now. There’s also an issue with how Vivian is acting in the finance recruitment event if you’ve already met her “real” personality during the homecoming party, so I’ve got to work on that in the near future.

Thanks for all of the support! We’re getting close to the public release of the unfinished chapter and I hope it will help me make the story better and better!