Hiding information in the stat screen

How is information in the stat screen hidden until certain conditions are met? I’ve seen this in COG/HG games before but I can’t seem to find it in the wiki.

Essentially, each faction has a description in the game that annotates their likes, dislikes, their affiliation with the PC and for certain human factions it details their relative faction strength.

I’m looking to hide certain factions until the player has encountered them. First impressions are important and while it’s entirely plausible that a character can download a bunch of information (space age) from a terminal after meeting said species, it’s highly unlikely they would have this information beforehand.


Check out Customizing the ChoiceScript Stats Screen - Choice of Games LLC, there’s a section that covers this exactly–copying from there, but visit the link for more details:

If you only want to hide a stat temporarily, you’ll need to wrap the *stat_chart command in an *if statement, like this:

*if KnowsAboutMagic
        percent Magic

You are wicked fast.

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Where it says *if KnowsAboutMagic that would be used like this?

*create KnowsAboutMagic False

(later in the game)

*set KnowsAboutMagic True

*if KnowsAboutMagic True
(stats now display)


Exactly, yeah, so that last section

will always be part of the stats screen and once the variable is true it’ll display the info on the next line

For the stat screen I’m using, I’ve separated it using “choice” (or maybe fake_choice, don’t recall) to avoid having an absolutely massive amount of information on a singular page.

I hide this the same way?

*if (KnowsAboutMagic True) #Thing

Thing will not be selectable or visible until the above reads ‘True’?

Right, with the clarification that you would just have it say
*if KnowsAboutMagic
*if (KnowsAboutMagic = true)

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*if KnowsAboutMagic

This will still only display when that particular variable is ‘true’? That’s useful on a lot of applications.

Yep, I think it’s a relic of early Boolean variables or something—no clue

I was looking for this from past a few days, so thank you for making a thread and asking this. Got my answer now. I had been struggling to hide the statistics.

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Not problem man. I’m just surprised this isn’t on the wiki honestly. I didn’t even think about checking the forums or COG website for this information.

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