*hide_reuse reset by *goto_scene?

Hello! I’m doing my first experiments in Choicescript. I know that *goto_scene resets all temp variables, but I was surprised to discover that it resets the choices hidden by *hide_reuse. For example:

*label options
        *goto options
        *goto options
        *goto_scene somethingelse

Choices 1 and 2 will disappear after being used. But if you choose 3, and the other scene sends you back to this choice block, choices 1 and 2 will reappear.

Both ways of using *hide_reuse have the same result.

I need options to disappear forever, even after changing scene and going back. Is there any way to achieve this without setting a variable and doing an *if?


Answer: yes.

Answer: unfortunately, no. I feel your pain.

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Like @cup_half_empty said: no. CS’s design paradigm is a narrative that moves scene to scene sequentially, like chapters in a book. You can manage scenes differently, going between scenes using *goto_scene – but with that structure, you won’t be able to use *temp and *hide_reuse or disable_reuse effectively, since those functions are basically designed to work with the sequential chapter paradigm.


Lol. I was 99% sure of it, but since I found no explicit mention, I wanted 100%.

I’m aware of CS’s paradigm. In fact my first experiment is about seeing how far I can take it, later works, if there are any, will probably be simpler.


Not an additional answer to your actual question but I gotta say I’m really excited to see what you’re going to do with choicescript! I always enjoy your other IF work.

(ETA: Deleted my initial answer because I realized you already said you knew how to do it, whoops!)


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