Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

So I’m not sure if this is even a Choicescript game, it might even be an anime, but I thought I could possibly find it here. In it there’s an evil church and in order to save someone (perform a ritual of some kind?) I think the guy tries to sacrifice a bunch of criminals and says that this is the only way to do the ritual. And then you have to steal something from him in order to stop him from tracking you…maybe.

I realize this is spoilers so if someone knows if they could hide the response using the spoiler function that would be grand.

I can’t remember the name of this game but I remember the MC plays an ambassador of sorts and you travel to this village with your companion and its a tribe that is run by a brother and sister and they are a cat-like people, you can flirt with the brother or the sister and you can end up having sex with either of them and when you wake in the morning your companion thinks they kidnapped you and wants to know where you are at and your companion gets into a fight with the sister and he tells you to run and you escape into this portal and head back to your kingdom. I think the MC was royalty and was sent as a goodwill ambassador to visit different places in the kingdom. It was rather adult in nature because the sex scene was pretty explicit and that was it for the demo.

@marvelfreak3000 Kinda sounds like Son of satan…

That sounds exactly like blade of light and shadows in the app Choices

Where is “Shadows in the app”? I dont see it anywhere.

Also, does anyone remember the Wip where you and a dozen other people are called to a castle to compete to be married to the sun or the moon? (Who were brother and sister I believe) I think the draw was that if you married one of them you could help the town? Also one of the other contestants was a huge A-hole. That’s all I remember :frowning:

I think it’s this?


Oh my God, you have saved my life. Thank you.

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This is a bit of a late reply, but I think they’re referring to Blades of Light and Shadow from the Choices app. It’s not from COG or HG.

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heya I tried to find a game where you play as the Angel who’s escape from the Leviathan who capture them. I also remember The Leviathan ripped the MC wings, leaving them with only one wing.
The story start with the mc waking up in hospital, where there you become friend with one of the doctor who will cut your hair if you ask him.
I forget to bookmark it, :’)) (and also link the game pls if it’s not much to bother ^^)


Is it this one?


Hmmm…I am not sure. I have never played a Choices game…the one I am thinking of was definitely on Dashingdon when I read it a few years ago, but was very short at the time, so you had only met the other competitors before it ended…I guess maybe the story was sold to choices? I can’t tell based on the google description for BLADES OF LIGHT AND SHADOW. Did you play it? Was it any good?

I heard Blades of light and Shadow :eyes: I have played Blades and can safely say as someone who have read nearly all books of choices it’s the best choices story ever.


Sorry, I didn’t see this…THIS IS IT!!! THANK YOU!!! <3

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Sorry for the late reply, thank u for linking the game as well ^^

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Ah, sorry. When I posted that, I was referring to what @Flame9091 was saying, but it seems @Twill8440 knew what you were looking for!

I remember seeing a recommendation for it somewhere, but I’ve never played it.

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I’m looking for a WIP where the ships have names & spirits of there first captain? Something like that.

@MapleBaby Maybe it’s Trinity

Not sure about Spirits of first captains but only WIP I can remember that have ships with their own spirits is Trinity.

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Hi I forgot the name of a really good wip. I really don’t remember anything but I know it was really good
We played some kind of magician ( or something link with Hell/Heaven ) who messed up with everyone. Everybody thought they were dead but we aren’t not. Then we need to do something so we must reunite with ex friends ( Ros ) ( one woman ; one man who hate us and has a daughter). There is a scene at a diner or hotel and there we meet an archangel ? ( not sure ) who stop time
I think that all I remember. I am afraid I mix some wip
But anyone know that really great name then it would be nice


Sounds like Forsaken?