Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I’ve seen a game similar in design like many choice of games management types. I don’t know the name just that it was viking or something theme. It was a management game as well. Please help me find it. I know this is just for choice of games stuff but i don’t know where to ask. If it bothers people im sorry.

Could you be talking about the Banner Saga?

No its context was like rebuilding or ruling your clan.

pinging @jasonstevanhill could this be your game? I forgot the name.

Fief? Maybe…but it wasn’t specifically Viking.


Was it this one, by any chance?

Hello, everyone! Do you know the name of the game where you play as one of the gods or angels. You and several others have a meeting, and figure out that there’s a problem on earth or something. So, all of you decide to descend to earth through some kind of a portal, but end up being scattered at different places. You, yourself end up in unfamiliar place, where a little girl notices you and invites you to her birthday party. At the end, her mom apologies to you and says that no one came to her birthday. That’s all I can remember.

P.s I’m not sure, but I think, before exiting the portal all of you disguise yourselves to look more like humans.

Would you possibly be referring to this wip?

One In A Millennium


OMG! You are right! Thank you so much :heart:

I just cant find it idk why it was kinda popular so maybe they took it off completely. But i wont lose hope because it looked really good. Thanks for help up to this point.

@Akolit Was it a published Choice of Game, Hosted Game, or WIP? Do you mean Saga of the North Wind?

No it isnt saga of the North wind but its similiarish? Sorry for asking but whats a wip. Im kinda new here.

A WIP is a work-in-progress: generally a ChoiceScript game posted here on the forums or elsewhere online, but either never officially completed or published through Hosted Games/Choice of Games! Are you looking for a non-ChoiceScript game?


Howdy, Folks! I was hoping on of you fine peeps could help me. I’ve been scouring Dashingdon for a wip but I just can’t seem to find it, or the patience to go through all the games.

Okay so in it I played a supervillain character, not sure if you can be a hero or not. But there was a SUPER super villain that was gonna destroy everything and ya team up with some heroes to stop em. Then you end up losing either your hearing, your sight, or something else that I don’t remember.

Pretty sure it’s this one?



Yea its not a wip or anything else. Its just similar style.I know that this is hard to search for. Thank you for your help.

Yes! Thank you! You are now my new friend and have earned the ‘Coo’ status.

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Story where the game is based on the tv show Lucifer, of course it’s different but I just can’t seem to find it :flushed:

if anyone knows this wip starts w MC and their friend finding smth like a gold or a coin or smth else idont rmr and then there is this old man who like start yelling in their faces warning them about how dangerous what they found is also when they were kids mc has a choice to help their friend’s lil sister ? there is a woman who is w knights or guards or like some sort of group that is curious w tha mc and what they think

Is it Song of the Fallen?

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