Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Probably this:-


Hi! I am looking for a game where mc is a child and is rescued from a dungeon with another kid. It was demo, I think they end up joining a “gang” with other kids? (I might be confusing two games together :sweat_smile:) Does anyone know? Thanks!

I think its the brandings

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Yeah! This was the one! Thank you!

Hey! What’s the name of the wip where you start the game on your way to a camping trip w your family (a family reunion, I think…) and you are kidnapped by a group from another planet. You have to learn their language on the way to said planet, or something…anyway, you find out that you are actually a princess there? Like your parents sent you to Earth to protect you when you were a baby…but now something threatens the rule of this planet (sorry I forgot what) and they have basically kidnapped you back, and expect you (as heir) to take your rightful place…and rule, I think? Does this sound familiar?

i believe that’s Return to Zemia ! :]


@wanamingo Yep, thanks!


Hello! Please, help. It was a game where there were strange blue people who needed to be protected from enemies. Even there, you could ride a dinosaur and in a large glass ball. Can someone remember?

I think it is Dinoknights :thinking:

Hello everyone!

There was a WIP that I got really touched by. I remember the MC is the youngest child of a King and his mother is plotting something, even arranged for the MC to grow up with a noble girl and they fall in love. When they grow up, the King marries his eldest son to that noble girl the MC was in love. After that, the MC is forced to marry a Princess from an enemy nation to secure peace, usually the bride would kill the groom in their wedding night and the conflict would keep going.

Thanks for your help!


This is the game, albeit the author revamped the story.


Yes, that is the game. Thank you friends!

Hi there! I’m trying to find a WIP, however, I don’t fully recall the whole plot. Your character has a warden and you are escorted to a dorm with 4 - 5 roommates (not sure on the numbers) who are also love interest options.

There’s a RO who wears a cloak and mask (kitsune, I believe?) in an effort to be inconspicuous but it doesn’t work and they has a penchant for sweets. Like, if you go to the cafeteria with them, they starts this long soliloquy on their dilemma between the chocolate cake versus the milk pudding/other dessert item. You have the option of sharing those desserts with them and they’ll try to feed you? There’s a RO whose flirty, hits on you all the time and has to be told to knock it off or else they won’t stop, a RO with ginger hair that rarely speaks and is always on his phone and the only other dorm mate I remember is a RO that’s aggressive and perpetually mad towards your character. Your character is led onto a plan they’ve been plotting. The goal is to escape the faculty which really is just a prison.

But the wardens (minus your personally assigned one, maybe??) are suspicious of your roommates and assign some cocky, punchable (in my opinion lol) RO to basically be your unwanted personal bodyguard. Might have gotten that particular character’s personality wrong but they were introduced around the end of the demo.

I think there are superpowers involved? Since they’re all locked up in a faculty with, if I recall correctly, power dampening bracelets.
Thanks! :blush:

Could it be The Caged Songbird?

:0 yes it is!!! thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah I need help finding a game which I’ve already read before, but want to Go back and re-read. You have I think 6 or 7 backgrounds, one which you are literally raised by wolves, and all of them lead up to you being nearly found dead on the street and taken into some kind of gang of criminals. Everyone goes by a codename. There is also a Lawful/Chaotic meter to help determine the ending you get. I can’t seem to find it either on the play store section, with past downloads, hosted games or choice of games. It’s like it’s just been wiped out entirely.

I believe that’s The Lawless Ones! :slight_smile:

You hit the nail right on the head. I thank thee

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Does anyone know what happened to the game where you play as a vampire in a zombie apocalypse?

Apex Predators?

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