Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Took me a bit, but I found the demo link. It has a really distinctive name in The Saga of The Prey: Ceperunt though I don’t know that it is still being actively worked on.


Thanks love, your a big help.

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Hi Everyone!! So not that long ago, a came across an IF where the MC loses their powers after being in a fight that ended in an explosion, i think. They’re forced to retire and have to live in a small village in hiding. They have a Twin brother. The MC also works for a weird lady, that they suspect there’s more to, than what she lets on.

I can’t remember if I came across this IF on here or on Tumblr. But I really liked it. Does anyone know it??

There’s also another IF that I just thought of while typing, It might be from the same one but again I can’t remember. Basically, The MC starts gaining the power to read people by touching them i think. One scene, the MC, their brother and father are out and the MC has an episode after running into a lady. The parents did not want MC to have these powers. Idk, that’s all I can remember from that. My mind is literally drawing a blank every time I think that I have it at the tip of my tongue lol.

Pretty sure it’s A Rhapsody in Blue

Thank you !!

The second one is The Advisor

Thank you; really appreciate y’all help!!

Heyo! So, I’ve been trying to find this IF for what feels like forever because I can not for the life of me remember its name. The IF was about the MC searching for their mentor/father alongside our, not blood related, brother who is very protective of the MC. Along the way we meet characters (the ROs) that help the MC with their search. The ROs I remember meeting was the doctor that knew MC’s mentor/father, another one was someone who saved the MC and ended up taking an interest in them (which the brother really hates, especially every time they flirt with MC), a girl who stole the MC’s sword and ends up betraying them and the last one I remember the MC meeting was when the characters get thrown into a jail by a mercenary band and we meet another RO there.

If anyone knows this IF please help :sob:

Anyways, Thank you!

Is this one:


I really like this game, so sad that It hasn’t been updated for some time now :frowning: the author is working on another IF called In Ourselves We Trust, it’s pretty good too.

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Oh thank you so much! Now I can rest in peace :rofl:

Alas, all we can do is hope for the best and as long as its not abandoned I’m willing to wait for however long it takes for an update. I think I’ve played In Ourselves We Trust before, but I’ll have to play it again just to make sure.

Thank you for your help again! :upside_down_face:

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@Romero :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat: if you’re still looking for it it’s Son of Satan : The Mortal Coil

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Anyone remember the game that start with the mc as some big bad that got killed or sealed by a bunch of heroes? I think you have 4 options of monsters the mc can be and then you get resurrected by a bunch of followers

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Well, after two weeks of trying to find it myself, I must now conclude that help is needed to explain why it is I am unable to find the WIP I’m trying to find.

The main character was a great hero in the history of the humans who celebrate their heroics in fighting back against clans of beast shifting people that worshipped some kind of evil god/horror/idr invading their kingdom. This enemy is back, and they are badder than ever having successfully killed the current king, forcing his surviving daughter (a possible RO) to sail to foreign allied lands for aid. Meanwhile, the king’s younger brother with the help of a witch work on finishing the ritual to revive the MC upon the king’s will prior to his dying. If I have it right this witch is described as having feathers, talon-like hands, and being of a race of ancients that observe the world for reasons known only to them. The king’s brother, and the “witch” (pretty sure that was just something he called her to be standoffish, and not literally her nature) are ROs themselves, iirc. After reviving the MC, and some shenanigans involving a spy from the enemy, they soon must abandon the stronghold that held the MC’s tomb they did the ritual in, and have to cross a bridge that needed feather-lady to cast a spell to give everyone safe passage. Unfortunately, this spell had a high cost; one of the MC’s three major combat stats, or by killing a soldier among the escort party. Eventually, the gang makes it to a town with docks to continue in the Princess’s footsteps toward the kingdom’s allies, and must “requisition” a ship to do so.

Can you tell I remember this one very well? I just don’t have the name, though I believe this one had a forum topic once. I can’t find the link among my bookmarks to see if there had been any “silent” updates, or nothing done at all since the author could have too many irl things going on to having anything to say about it. :confused:

Found it: The Shadowbane

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Thanks much! You’re a dear. That was starting to drive me batty, but it is good to know that it wasn’t impossible to locate. :smiling_face:

I’m looking for an wip if I used to play but forgot the name, I only remember the mc planning to go undercover as a bartender on another planet(?) to investigate something, if anyone knows what it is, please let me know :pray:

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Pretty sure you’re looking for Reports from Philomena?

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I knew it had to be hidden when I found nothing searching, so thanks for finding it for her :slight_smile:

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Oh my god thank you so much I have been looking everywhere for this :sob::pray:


Oh, that’s so cool wip. Now I regret reading it as it seems abandoned.