Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Neither :broken_heart:

Hello everyone I know this may not be about cog games but does any of you know about a game about an indian-esque man an officer in a ship, it was an episodic game, if I am correct Jim Sterling voiced a crewmember the cook I believe, it was also a choice and consequence game.

oh! i think that’s herald: an interactive period drama ? it was the first thing that came to mind, though i don’t remember jim being a va in it

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Thank you, I was thinking about buying this but after so much time they have not completed the game

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Just remembered a wip I tried a while back, but I cant remember the name. All I can really remember is that you’re an angel who was put into an android shell and that after you meet some other angel dude you can pick what type of angel you were: ie, angel of calamity. And that each angel focused on either white or black magic.

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I wanted to answer maybe it’s SOS: Mortal Coil, but I’m not sure about this part…

Is it Fool’s Fantasy?

maybe this one?

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Yes thank you!!! I almost gave up on it :sob::heart:

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It’s not SOS no. Though it is fun. And I don’t believe its fools fantasy either. Thanks tho!

Ah. It’s also not The Mymidon. Don’t think I’ve played that one so I’ll have to give it a try.

I remember playing a WIP a long while back where the MC was trapped in a series of apartment buildings and also had a set of rotting or degrading wings, and there was cover art (?) of a red-headed woman with aforementioned wings, but I can’t for the life of me remember the title. I’d really like to play it and be creeped out again. :sweat_smile:

Blood For Poppies?


Ah, yes! Thank you!!

hello, is there any game with thematic in the ww2, I read divided we fall and marine raider and I was wondering if there were others or at least one wip

Hi! This thread is for identifying games, not for game recommendations. The thread below is a good place to ask for recommendations.


I remember playing a WIP where the MC live in acient china and a crane from heaven choose him to be his vessel. The MC wastaken to an academy where others like him would train in order to become warriors for the Emperor but the emperor died and the MC had to join the army of one of the guys fighting for the throne.

What happened to that game? I remember that is was supposed to release under COG to 2 years ago.

Probably this:-


Hi! I am looking for a game where mc is a child and is rescued from a dungeon with another kid. It was demo, I think they end up joining a “gang” with other kids? (I might be confusing two games together :sweat_smile:) Does anyone know? Thanks!

I think its the brandings

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