Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I’m pretty sure it’s the unwanted warrior unfortunately something happened with the author’s computer causing them to lose the files for it. The author has made another if The sword of Rhivenia available for download on Google play store and steam I am unsure if it’s on iphone .

Edit: it’s on iphone app store as well

Aye thanks mate I’ll have to check and see if I’m able to read it

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Hi, I’m looking for a superhero game where you play as a tech genius who fights crime with a self-made high-tech battle suit, and you found out your ex is a witch when you met her again in Egypt, and on the second book, the MC has a hidden ability.

Hey, I’m looking for a game where at the beginning of it there was like, this invasion of the castle where the MC lived and one of the MC’s parents died. It then jumped to the MC being a young lord/lady and them having to go to a quest.

hey! im looking for a game where the MC is an heir and their father took over the throne by killing the former king and queen. the former kings child is rumored to be alive and one day the MC and that child meet and it turns out they’re a LI? the mc also had a spy if i remember correctly.

Turncoat Chronicle


Hey. There was a demo for a game where the reader and their best friend went to explore a witches house? And then something happened. The witched turned the best friend into a cat and the reader lost their memory. Do any of you know the book?

A witch’s curse I’m guessing though I’m not entirely sure

I love whenever I have to share this one. It is called Forgotten Names


yes, this is it! thank you :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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I played a WIP a while back where you were some sort of inter-dimensional being that had to flee from something and ended up possessing a baby. You grow up during the intro (there’s a point where you can bite your mothers hand) and you either start having or have had migraines. I remember there was a point where you could take over a cult as well. One of the characters was named Roach, I think. It was really fun, but I can’t remember the name, does anyone know what I’m talking about?

I think it’s the passenger


It is! Thank you!

I have a very vague memory of a WIP. You’re an orphan in an orphanage. You have powers, some kind of necromancy, I think? You’re friends with an orc(?) girl, I think, and she gets adopted. That’s all I can really recall though.


Anyone remember the game that was gonna be released but suddenly didnt? From what i remember it has some chinese elements? I remember you led a military force and eventually this kid merges his soul with you then whatver happens to eithe one of you happens to the other… you also had a choice to choose between supporting one dude or the other.

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Tale of Two Cranes

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I’m looking for a demo that I can’t find in my comment history so I thought I’d try here. Your the third child of a high ranking lord, who bought his seat in the church, and basically your picked to be the next…right hand man/spy master/idk by the current one.

Sound familiar?

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Court of Harts