Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Hey guys, I remember there being a wip about someone being reborn into royalty in another world and having made a deal with a godess to find something, still remember the life and knowledge you used to have before being isekaid like having a loving or abusive family for example. You also have 3 stats in the likes of strength, intellect don’t remember the 3rd one.

Kingdom and Empires by FatedFlame. It’s a good one that’s still being worked on.


no one knows this? I’m curious

Heyo! Does anyone remember that game where the MC is so knowledgeable to the point that both heaven and hell either want them dead or on their side. MC’s thirst for knowledge made them find out a way to kill god or angels or something. I don’t quite remember but that knowledge could cause them their life. They also betrayed their former friends (some of the ROs) and so they hated the MC. But the MC actually betrayed them to protect them but the MC didnt tell them that. The MC manages to reconnect with his former friends because of something. That’s all I remember. Thank you! =D


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I think it’s called Diaspora?

You play as a mage and ur wand is like a shovel because you are a necromancer.

Had to play to be double sure as it’d been awhile, but here;

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I’m looking for a WIP where:
You protect a child you saw on the streets. The child is the younger sibling of one of your potential RO’s. This RO is not fond of you. The child helps you with your work so they are like your apprentice. I think you are some sort of Doctor. You hide your identity from most. The child goes missing, but this is a simple misunderstanding and they are later found.

It’s this!! enjoy :wink:
Ripper’s Plague: Ground Zero


Thank you so much. I bookmarked it but must have overlooked it.

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There’s a wip I’m looking for. It’s sci-fi. You can be human, alien, or half-human half-alien. You’re a cook or steward on a spaceship. One of your crew-mates has pink hair I think.

What was the WIP where you build a spaceship to escape earth. It was years ago so maybe it was finished but I didn’t see it in hosted games

I’m working on my own similar game and I’m worried it may be too similar

Maybe The Kepler’s colony? If it is It’s a finished game

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That was it, thank you

I remember reading a WIP a while back and I totally forgot the name. So basically I don’t really remember if you are a bounty hunter or in the police, but I do recall that you’re a human trying to figure out the location of a potentially dangerous fugitive, along with your partner. This world is a supernatural one, cause it turns out, the fugitive is a sexy ass vampire. Yup. Out of all the things I could’ve remember to make this easier for myself, my brain decided to focus on the most unhelpfull piece of knowledge ever lol . Anyways, there’s also another time where the vamp breaks into your house, but that’s besides the point lol . Unfortunatly, I can’t remember much else. I think there’s also a very rude elf but maybe i’m mistaking it for another WIP with a similar vibe ( enchanted in blood).

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When Twilight Strikes


hey guys whats the game (wip) where the mc gets taken off as a war prize and it turns out your new spouse is abusive af

I think this is the one you are looking for



thanks a bunch!