Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Hey, so I remember playing a WIP way back ago, IIRC it was about adventures, where you’re an adventurer going out on a quest with your royal friend (I think it was a Princess?), and then you rescue some Mage on the way that was being held by cultists(?), and then you go to the capital(?) to trade secrets with an acquaintence of yours. Also I think the quest is about looking for something missing, I guess like an artifact or something. That’s about as much as a I can remember. Does anyone know what WIP i’m talking about?

Scales of Justice

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Thank you very much!

Hey so I don’t remember much about it the game is forgot it’s a wip you are the son to some lord I think and you are tasked with sabotaging the Princess or something by disguising yourself as a servant and you have this mage who checks in on you

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Hey,so i remember playing a wip like some days ago in the wip we are an intern in some hospital with our friend also intern in the same hospital sorry I don’t remember more than this.

is it perhaps Citadel WiP (Updated: 3/11/2022) - A Medical Drama with Romance


I believe you might be after this one.


Ugh yes thanks so much

Thank you very much mate

Searching for the unfinished horror and survival story that has major Attack on Titan elements — such as playing as a badass ninja OP who sword fights giants, and orders an army around. There’s a court sentence in the beginning after a conflict with a local bully and you and your best friend are sent to the military as a consequence. Also from what I remember, the author was unable to continue with the project because of data loss, or login issues?

is it The Night Hunters: First Blood [Updated 10/1/21]?

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That’s it! That’s the one! Thank you for your help.

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It has been a while since I’ve read this particular IF so please pardon me the very vague and barely strung together snippets of whatever I can barely recall. There was some sort of crime that required a detective (an RO whose name might’ve started with an A??) and I also remember our neighbor being good with plants or something? Also an RO (I think they were a character set as female) Uhh, at some point two siblings come into the story and you can be interested in one of them? I remember a van scene. You encounter an injured person and they’re an RO as well (their name might’ve started with an R??) I don’t think this project had a choice of games post or I might’ve bookmarked it so I wouldn’t have to struggle with finding it :sob:

Are you meaning Speaker? The neighbor was a dryad, so “pretty good with plants” is an understandable half-memory of her, plus other stuff sounds basically right in the same way, at least to my memory (I haven’t played it in a while). If so, here’s the new link, Speaker by speakergame. The author was one of the ones to move to twine in the past year or so, to explain your remembering it from here but not finding it.

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Some of what you described makes me think of CyberPolice

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Thank you SO much, that’s exactly what it is!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: my night has been drastically improved thanks to you :slight_smile:

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It’s not this, a user has already helped me identity the game but ty nonetheless, any help is appreciated! :grin:

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Yessss thank you :blush:

Hello , I played this wip a long time ago and im trying to find it again. So heres the premis of the story that i can remember.

You are an agent / worker in this company that hunt rouge monsters ( vampires, werewolves, etc.) You and your partner have been task to hunt these rouge vampire cuz they murder someone.

When both of you meet this rouge, she / he said they were innocent. Your partner didnt believe it tho.

Fast forward, you guys failed to catch the rouge and the mc is introduced to the rival and their work partner too. The rival seems to hate you and your partner especially you for some reason and her partner is the type to calm her down and try to diffuse the situation.

Then you and your partner meet this warlock / mage who is immortal / live for a long time. She’s the stoic type like Ava from the WayHaven series but she can do jokes.
And then she heal you both from your wounds.

Fast forward, you and the company found your boss is missing.

Fast forward again, the rouge half vampire suddenly in your house and she said know hoe to find your boss.

Thats as far as i can remember .

Heres the ros list : I think theres five of them.

Your partner
Your rival ( hate you for no reason but intrigued me)
Your rival’s partner ( kind and calm type like Ava’s best friend in WayHaven)
The warlock (stoic type)
The rouge half vampire ( joking type)

I remember this, I played this demo. I can’t recall the name, but I know it’s moved to Twine. Lemme see if I can find the name or some more info.