Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

There was a game that mc was living with their friend who works in a restaurant. MC’s sibling was a famous singer and mc wrote songs for them. One day mc went their home to write songs but the sibling didn’t show up. Later mc found out the sibling was dead.

And does anyone know what happened to vardir?

that one should be conspiracy in emerson! if i’m not mistaken


for vardir im not too sure as well. both the itch io page and the tumblr seems to be gone. i wasnt able to see their tumblr before it was wiped out but i think in my mind rn is that either the wip is discontinued or the author decided to work on it privately (doesnt explain the sudden wipe out of everything tho) the best we can do is just keep an eye out if they revive it or any sign of it on tumblr

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The first one I believe is
We all bleed red


Does anyone know the name of that game that starts with some kind of ritual? The MC was being held captive and then was taken to this place where some mages were trying to summon something. The last thing I remember is choosing the color associated with the being that was summoned.

here ya go vitrtues end


anybody remember a wip (maybe already published?) about you being a fox and you just recently got your second tail i think. then one of the ROs i think was the farmer’s child where i think your family died in and he hates foxes. you are also finding some kind of powerful object and i remember i stopped playing at the part where you needed to enter some place but you need a ticket of some sorts. you also encounter another fox who steals ur food from you. also there was a scene where you can help an old lady.

@Jender thanks!

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What was that game where your character gets a necklace in the mail from their mother and ends up starting to turn into a monster and is captured and taken to a secret city I can’t remember what the name is and I really wanna play it again

It’s Blood/line, though I’m pretty sure the demo ended long before any capturing happened when I played it… Maybe it’s been updated.

Hello im not sure wherelse to ask this apologies if this is the wrong place.

But im looking for a WIP(maybe already released?) And all i remember about it is that you work as a squire (?) To a Lord/knight of somekind, and i believe magic is outlawed or really frowned upon and MC can use magic and is secretly carrying out daily tasks given to them by a renowned mage (?) In hopes to end up passing and getting the chance to be taught by said mage.

There is also a war/high tension with a neighbouring kingdom…cant remember why but the only other things I remember is that you have a rival squire, a friend/RO (?) who you can meet when you go into town (cause the knight you serve is taking part in a tournament and you and the rival can also take part). Hmmm only other thing i can remember is that at some point you go the edge of the land/kingdom to investigate some claims (i think the opposing kingdom is trying to start something and just give a reason for war?) And you land on an enemy campfire and have various options of fighting them/listening/sneaking etc

Im not sure how helpful this is, i came back on here recently and started remembering all these random WIP that i read but for some reason couldn’t find them anywhere lol
(Even tho i swear some of them were published but still cant find them rip) But thank you all in advance!!! You all just seem to know lol !!

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It’s Battlemage: Magic by Mail. It’s published. IIRC the name changed at some point during development, so that may be why you aren’t finding it.

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Heyy I wanted to know if anyone knew of the wip I played awhile ago it was a dating contest type of thing , it wasn’t the odyssey dating game. This was more like love island, there were a bunch of singles and you did like a speed dating thing, and you did confessionals.

You may be thinking of Body Count?

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Was a really long time ago but i remember the story being about the mc in a village with people who wear masks. If you take off your mask then youre committing a serious crime/sin.

Yes that the one thank you! :))

There was a game that you play as an intern or maybe a nurse. Some day while mc was taking care of patients with a doctor, an injured man came. I remember mc observed him as a dangerous person. The doctor knew who the man was and helped him with his wounds.

An Angel’s Song maybe?

No but thank you for the new wip to read. Also, your pfp is the best thing to see after binging the wolf among us.

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