Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I don’t think it’s been worked on for a while and I follow over 300 different authors, so I’m having trouble finding it. It’s a game where you play as a medium who I think woke up in the morgue one day after a case went wrong. There’s a lady in white ghost as well, I believe and the last scene I remember playing, took place in a diner with one of the other characters.

Another one I’ve been trying to find is you play as a half-dragon and you can have your age be anywhere from a child to a teenager.

For your second one, would you be talking about this one?


Yes! Thank you. That’s been driving me insane.

So there’s a game I’ve been trying to find and in the beginning? or at least I read it in the demo, you the player are being executed by one of your friend/love interest where he is the 1st prince of his kingdom. In the demo, you are a part of a group that consists of the 1st prince, 2nd prince (not a RO), and a female healer? mage? (who is a RO). Later in the game, you are brought back from the dead and must be a part of a group/organization as they were the ones to revive you.

its the A Mage Reborn (WIP) - UPDATED Feb 15th | Happy Anniversary!


Looking for a WIP with a forgotten by me name. Starts with servant writing a prophesy or smth like that during Roman Empire, i think? Then jump forward 1000 years and MC is spelunking into ruins (there’s an option to break a finger while punching the wall… with effort). MC has two companions, religious man and a woman, who we share employer with, dont remember if these are gender-locked

The Golden Rose



ok i’ve been trying to find this wip i just remember that the mc was royalty and i think the mc’s father wanted them to get married (i’m not too sure) what i do remember for sure was that one of the RO’s was called Robin/ Robyn (? and was the servant of the mc

The Tesseran Inheritance, I think?

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Yess! Thank you

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There was a game that mc was kind of a monster because of some kind of cult. MC had someone like a mentor and they hunted other creatures. Some day they got a mission with a group of people. Mission group includes mc, mentor, some flirty person mentor knows, two officers.

And the second one: The game started with a dream. In the dream mc’s future self was talking with mc. When mc woke up in their dorm some kind of earthquake happened. MC was able to save their friend but when they got out of the building everybody blamed mc for the earthquake so mc and the friend run away. I remember there was a superhero group.

i think the first one is virtues end and the second one is A Tale of Heroes (WIP) - 147k words. Updated 03/11/2021


The first one sounds more like Whisper in the Dark. You can find it on itch.io

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I have one more: MC is a superhero. With a friend’s time machine mc goes to future and finds themselves as a villain. They try to find the reason why they became a villain.

Just to add onto it, it was been fully discontinued because it is too personal to the author, so it won’t be public anymore.

@esn0ra That’s Anachron, the tumblr’s here https://anachron-if.tumblr.com :slight_smile:


There is this WIP that I have been looking for, for a while now. Because it’s been a while since I read it, I may be misremembering some things.

I am pretty sure that the WIP starts with the MC moving back to their hometown, where they open up an antique store that they may or may not have inherited from their grandma. They meet up with their best friend, who may be a RO, and they talk for a while before the MC has to get back to unpacking stuff for their store. A guy comes into the store and wants to buy a necklace the MC has been wearing the whole time. Because it’s a family heirloom, they refuse. The guy says things like “you will regret this” and leaves. That night some magic creatures/demons break into the MC’s home and try to steal the necklace from them. A group of people, most of them ROs, then teleports into the MC’s bedroom via a portal and save the day. They take the MC back to their base, where the MC joins their magic organisation. After that, the MC has a little bit of free time, where they get to know the different members of the group. That is pretty much where the WIP ends.

I remember there also being a pretty explicit shower scene with one of the RO, which is why I thought it could be in the adult content category, but maybe I am wrong.

Nvm, the beginning sounds like Out For Blood but the last part throws me off

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It isn’t Out For Blood. I don’t think there were any vampires in the WIP I am looking for.