Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

Thanks your correct.

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If someone can help me find a game. I’m pretty sure its a wip, you have a father who hates you, a mother whos background you can choose and is dead and a grandfather also a brother, and we’re nobles i think. Dont remember much sorry and forgive me for my english its not my first language.


pretty sure its this


YES. Thank you


I don’t think it’s out yet… but I’m looking for a game where you play a prince/princess (depending on what gender you choose) and attend boarding school. It’s by the same lady who wrote Creme de la Creme. Actually… It might be a sequel to Creme de la Creme.

Royal Affairs?

Yup :slight_smile:

Dude, you’re talking about Golden Rose.

@zasder I believe you’re replying to a three year old post, without even specifying who you’re replying to.

Need help identifying this WIP, it was pretty short and romance focused, basically all I remember was there were 2 RO’s (can’t remember if they were werewolves or something but feel like they were) and one of the RO’s was like the leader of their clan. All I remember reading was the MC helping them out around their camp to prepare for something before the demo ended.

@lexie1k The Monster Within maybe?

@Jender nope :frowning: from what I remember the ros were both gender locked male? Though I could be wrong on that. I appreciate the help though!

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Do you remember how long ago you read it?

Perhaps a very old version of Blood Moon? It definitely has more than 2 ROs now, but I don’t know if it always did.

I really don’t know since most werewolf games are pretty obviously about werewolves.

Maybe is feral hearts here


anyone know a wip that starts with like a nightmare and you wake up with a nose bleed and realize ur sleeping in a kitchen i think. also you have like an alchemist partner that doubles as ur leash holder. you meet like bard when you were riding and they join you in going to blackwater i think the name of the place was. you meet two more ros that is i think a captain? and the other was the same as you. you also encounter this monster that kidnaps the bard but u manage to kill it. i think the last i read of it was the group was talking if they should leave the place or kill this one dude that makes you take ur hood off cause in your eyes is like a gold ring that is kinda a sign that your a mage

would honestly like to know if the author is still active cause since after facing indecision, it kinda disappeared on my feed

that’s The Northern Passage. the author is still active and it’s still being worked on, but they are working on porting it to Twine :slight_smile:


It’s actually already available on Twine, on itch.io. (Also, I did not intend to link to it, but I’m not sure how to remove automatic hyperlinks?)


the prologue is, yes! the dashingdon demo goes to the end of chapter 1, the twine demo isn’t quite there yet :slight_smile:

Oh, I see. Haven’t actually played the Twine version, just remember seeing it, since I use itch fairly regularly.