Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

A game where you start off as a kid and get a scar in one of three ways then go through a trauma conga and the only interesting love interest stabs you in the back and the others get murdered by demons.

Does anyone remember the name of the wip where you are on a team that investigates supernatural happenings…only they are referred to more as sort of “diseased” for being different. And you are supernatural and on the team.

A few team members that stuck out are a doctor who is openly an addict and takes pills a few times just randomly while you guys are together…and for this certain mission they also grab a supernatural from prison to help your team (I cant remember his skill) and he has a thick accent (I wanna say cockney maybe?) and is fairly hilarious. I think there was also a big strong dude on your team that openly doesnt trust “your kind”.

The only thing I remember about the missions is I believe you rescue a kid from some religious cult…and I believe there is also a supernatural fight where the weapons you have wont hurt the creatures (it was a swarm of something) so I think you begin fighting with some skull or bone that you found on said mission?

Sorry, I wish I could remember bigger details…but does anyone recognize this at all?


that sounds like Event Zero !


That’s it! Thank you!!!


I’m looking for a demo where a farm boy has a crush on the MC & the MC has is an Apprentice? sorry that’s all I can remember

Could it be Insight?

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Omg thank you I have spent days searching.

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I’m looking for the title of a WIP where you are a powerful undead overlord who rose from the grave and battled with a paladin in the beginning

I’m guessing this is it.


I’m looking for this WIP where my character already has a spouse at the start of the game. They open a small shop selling glassworks(there’re other things to sell but I chose glassworks during playing). The demo ended where my MC and her husband closed the shop to go to the festival in town.

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Does anyone of the game where the MC is a hunter of the supernatural and their family is quite known for it. But then during a hunt in a basement or underground or something, shit goes down. The MC is then rescued by supernaturals, but the only way to save their life is for them to turn into some kind of supernatural creature.

Chronicles of Rebirth, maybe?


Sorry, forgot to mention that it’s a WIP. But thanks! It IS the Chronicles of Rebirth!

The first part reminds me of RaTiO: The Seraphica.

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Does anyone remember the name of the wip where you wake up in a pod of goo, and you seem to have been for many years, but you remember nothing…and a group of rebels (somewhat reluctantly) rescues you and are wary because you have some implant in your eye, and they are against something having to do with that, I think?

It sounds like A Drop of Night but im not sure…


maybe AMYGDALA: Encode ?

@wanamingo That’s the one, thank you!

And @correia wasnt it, but this looks super cool, so thanks for introducing it to me!

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For the life of me, I can’t remember this game that I played. You start out as a child who gets taken from their home with their sibling because their father can’t pay his debts, and you meet a girl named Lula, and these rich people buy you to participate in gladiator combat, and every time you die you have to restart from the beginning. You can choose the different areas you focus on or you can refuse to fight altogether.


Wasn’t that Innocence’s Lost ?