Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

This is probably wrong but is it Those Betwixt?
(Sorry i dont know how to do links xD)

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Yes it is thank you very much. @Xarthery

Ok, so I remember playing this WIP where you play as detective/police officer that’s investigating some murders, but after a while it turn out you are the killer and that you have like a split personality or it may be that it’s just some voices in your head.

Is it Double Cross?

No, it’s still a WIP and hasn’t been published.

This one?

Anyone know the name of the game where you can romance a mermaid? I think. And the mermaid had a brother as well, I don’t remember more than that, it’s been awhile.

fair warning the details might be off. so i’m looking for this WIP where the mc wakes up in ancient catacombs and doesn’t remember much. after emerging above ground, they kill or spare some templars (i believe) then a stronger one arrives (paladin in golden armor?). the mc escapes him by a thread and runs off into forest. while bathing in the lake they meet a woman (fae?) who heals them. the two of them start travelling together to hide from the templars and get the mc’s memories back (they enter the cursed abandoned part of the forest where the woman lives?).

I’m pretty sure that’s the Wight King

yup thank you very much!

you play as a teen terrorist who was rescued by cia op
and now you are attending school and readjusting to normal life

allows you to be rather violent towards students lol and is older
prob closed


I believe this is what you are looking for.

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perfect thanks

I am back with another probably easy WiP or maybe even finished? title that I can’t remember.

So it’s start off with the MC is in high school and they have a best friend that’s rebellious. MC and them end up on the school roof at one point and get chased and arrested by a cop. Then while the cop is driving them the zombie apocalypse breaks out and rip goes the cop. So MC and their best friend end up trying to survive the apocalypse together and you can start a romance with them. At one point they meet an old man and a kid.

Not Sea Eternal? (Was it definitely a WIP?)

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What’s the WiP where you play as the child of a fisherman who made a deal to sacrifice you to a mermaid, and now the mermaid is after you because he refused to do so?

Is this it?


@Twill8440 Yes it is, thank you.

@Jacic Do you ever plan on coming back to this one?


Pretty sure it was This one


Thank you!! :blush::purple_heart:

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