Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

No, it’s not it starts somewhere where i met a police officer and I’m a detective investigating a crime i committed.

is it double cross?

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Yes, thank you very much @yb_minhee!

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there are 3 wips that i can’t remember names of, one was smiliar to attack on titan with a big cast of ros, In begining the protag had to through a trial for a false murder, in second one protag is a runaway from a government agency who had already kill our brother and in 3rd one we are a thief and in present we are caught because of getting betrayed by one of our team member

I don’t know about the first two, but is the third one ace of spades?

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i think the first one is The Night Hunters: First Blood

thanks, it is

yessss, thank you

That wouldn’t happen to be Joint Venture would it? This thread might be locked, but it is still in development.

Does it make me a bad person to find something darkly humorous about the fact that the author of that WIP was politely warned in February to back up their game files and then six months later lost all their files due to not having a backup? You hate to see it, but you can’t deny there’s a great life lesson there for all of us.

Anyway Night Hunters seems like a really neat game with a cool concept and I hope the author figures out they can grab their game’s code by adding /scenes/ to the end of the link to their game on Dashingdon.


So i dont remember a lot of details i remember mc being stalked by a monster? An insectoid monster? Which also killed mc friend at the very beginning of the game. Then mc is under protection / surveillance? by some organisation where mc gets attacked by same monster again and we get a pretty decent fight scene if the stats are right.
Not much to go from but that’s all i remember , help will be appreciated , it was a WIP as well.

I think it might be Mind Games: Obsession. The author put the wip on hold and is currently rewriting it! Here’s the link to the thread: Mind Games: Obsession (WiP) (UPDATED JAN 27, 2021)


That is exactly what i was looking for , thank you for such a quick response!

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No problem!

Does anyone remember that game where you were a vampire or something and its the zombie apocalypse and there was a concert bus full of humans you could save?

That’s APEX PREDATORS by @rinari

Hey umm what’s that WIP, where you play as a newly graduated doctor and when you arrive at the hospital there’s a protester said his mother died because the doctor?

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Hm… Citadel maybe?

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Ah yes that the one I’m searching for… thanks :blush:


I do not remember if this WiP was a CoG game or from itchio but the start of this WiP begins with the MC is walking with their child (can be yours or adopted when they were an orphan) and they ended up rescuing a strange man from drowning in a swamp and bring the man back to this shared house with several ROs. The man ends up being some kind of creature that has a fixation on the MC.

It has really cute moments with the MCs child and with the ROs and it hurts that my pea brain forgot the name of it. :sob::sob:

If anyone knows this WiP I’d really appreciate the help in getting the title. :pleading_face::black_heart: