Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

There was WIP… MC was a journalist and had some supernatural abilities. They had an aunt in a small town, and they had to go back there after she died. Anyone remember the title?


this maybe? only thing that comes to mind

Could it be Into the Shadows?

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Yup! Thank you.

hey guys i need help >< i recently found a wip that is about a world where winged people? faeries? live and there are different clans. mc, her childhood friend, the person they met who has a dragon, and the prince who was disguised as a teacher all have unique wing color and they later found out that they are actually the children of the gods/goddesses. their world was about to end so their souls were transferred to earth to achieve their mission.


pretty sure its the changeling exchange ?


omg it is, thank uuuu !!

Does anyone remember the WIP where the mc is extremely sick? they lived with their father and two brothers, they also worked at a shop with an owner that’s terrible to us. I think there’s a part where we were insulted by the owner and a woman pick them up and holds them against the wall with magic. Also we have a friend who lives with their mother who likes painting. I hope this isn’t too confusing

Here’s the link to it.

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Hey I remember a wip I want to check on but, you know, cant remember what it was called. In it you are an angel (archangel?) who has been trapped and tortured by Leviathan for hundreds of years and she even removed some of your wings (i think?) and you escape somehow and end up in a hospital. And when youre in the hospital theres a really nice guy who helps you, 2 people that harass and interview you and I remember a cafeteria scene where I think a demon approaches you as you try and eat your hospital food.

I know its not SoS: The Mortal Coil, might be a game thats moved to twine?

Yess been looking for this for ages thank you

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Sounds like this?

Sooo, I just created an account to ask for this because it’s all over my head and I can’t let it go.

Anyway, the WIP starts with the main character that seems to be a child(?) and they are lost in a forest fire, you have the choice of going into the fire or running away(I think), if you chose to go into the fire the MC
seems to get hurt by the fire but at the same time they don’t(??), they go into an existential brainstorm gazing up into the night sky, and after someone pulls the MC form the fire they seem to remember very fell things from their past and as they gradually start getting their memory back, the last one being of the parents of the MC calling out their name and then I was able to choose my name, after that the MC tells the name to their “saivior”.

That’s all I remember and if it’s really confusing I’m sorry.

Can anyone tell me the title where you are the detective but also the murderer? I can’t seem to remember though I’m sure it’s in dashingdon…

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Is it lost lambs?

No, it’s not it starts somewhere where i met a police officer and I’m a detective investigating a crime i committed.

is it double cross?

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Yes, thank you very much @yb_minhee!

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there are 3 wips that i can’t remember names of, one was smiliar to attack on titan with a big cast of ros, In begining the protag had to through a trial for a false murder, in second one protag is a runaway from a government agency who had already kill our brother and in 3rd one we are a thief and in present we are caught because of getting betrayed by one of our team member

I don’t know about the first two, but is the third one ace of spades?

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