HeroRise vs Lost Heir of Daria

As my first post I wish to ask a question that I believe as a reader of both these experiences need to be asked, which is better HeroRise(not including RS(for better or worse)) or The Lost Heir of Daria(not including LoaW because it’s placement(and existence) is uncertain in the series). So please comment and share this topic. (P.S this my first topic so please enlighten me if I am making an error.)

It depends on whether you prefer superpower genre or magical genre. Personally, I prefer Hero Rise because the overall atmosphere feels less dystopian and it is easier to get a better ending. (because when I finish lost heir, I either ended up dying or I become a demon. Ughhh)

I don’t think Heroes Rise and The Lost Heir can compared, they really different. THL is medieval fantasy while HR is about heroes. These games good in their own way.


Have to agree. You’re talking about comparing two completely different stories, in different genres and in a different style of writing. You can’t really do a simple one is better than the other as it’ll depend on what you like to read.


The others in this thread make good points concerning how it is hard to effectively compare the two. Yet, I feel that there are some genre-independent aspects of the games that can be used to compare them.

Personally, I find the Lost Heir series better than the Heroes Rise series, for the reasons I will now enumerate.

Firstly, with the Lost Heir, you have a lot more freedom in customizing your character. You can choose to specialize in magic, combat, and even get special abilities like turning into animals, summoning demons (distinct from magic in that setting) and seeing into the future, among many others. While, looking at Heroes Rise, you are locked into flying and energy manipulation from the start. Granted, there are reasons for that, but it does make it a lot less interesting.

Another large point in the Lost Heir’s favor is that, unlike the first game of Heroes Rise, it does not make your character feel like a failure by design. It is possible to make a character who fails at a lot of things, but conversely, it is also possible to make one who succeeds at most or all of them. In The Prodigy, you are basically railroaded into a bunch of embarrassing failures that you can do absolutely nothing to prevent. While there are plot reasons for that, the story basically making you feel bad about your character the whole time is not something I could consider to be a good thing in any circumstance.

Then there’s the fact that in Heroes Rise, you have little to no control over your own life and motivations. For example, even if you choose to try and not dwell so much on your parents, your character still spends the whole game whining about his parents, whether it’s about whether they would approve your character or the fact that they are still in prison (more understandable, but if you were trying not to dwell on it in the first place, still strange). Jenny and your Grandma essentially manage all aspects of your life for you, like choosing whether or not to reveal your secret identity to people, choosing when or not the right time is to tell you about your own secret powers, choosing whether or not to write letters to your parents pretending to be you behind your back even if you chose not to do so, and so on. And not just that, with the exception of one of those times, they act as if they haven’t overstepped any boundaries at all and actually get indignant when you object.

There’s also a small example of this at the end when, after you save your parents, you can’t choose to make it so that you have a life separate from them, as if both your character and their parents were the independent adults they supposedly are, but instead your parents have to either retire and ‘be your parents full-time’, manage your superhero career, or form a family superhero fighting team. I mean, your parents are saved and that’s great, but can’t they have a life apart from you?

The second game of Heroes Rise also breaks from the genre in a fairly unsettling manner. Instead of a superhero game, which is what I came to the series to play, I get a reality show game that very rarely allows me to simply do what I think is right, as a hero, without penalizing me heavily for it. Instead, I have to create a reality show persona for myself and stick to that. There’s also the rather heavy-handed scene where the various LGBTQ characters get into a huge argument about being LGBTQ, which is really out of place even in a reality show. So, basically, if you want a superhero game, don’t play the Hero Project. Compared to that, the Lost Heir series stays more-or-less medieval fantasy throughout.

Infini Powers in Heroes Rise are also really frustrating. You get control over gravity and the ability to control stuff at the atomic level, and all you do is fly around and blast stuff like normal? It really throws away a lot of the potential you have. There is one scene at the very end where you can make yourself invisible with a creative application of your powers, and you do get a few more uses like telekinesis around the same time, but I must stress that this is literally in the last five minutes of the trilogy, after two-and-a-half whole games of knowing about these powers.

I also find the NPCs in the Lost Heir a lot more likeable (except maybe Petra). They, at least, only tend to treat you badly if you do so to them first, while in Heroes Rise you have Jenny and Grandma trying to control your life and acting like nothing is wrong when you call them out on it, which goes wrong at least once when they decide to expose your secret identity to someone you don’t have much reason to trust at all and later turns out to have been a mole, and Black Magic, who tries to trick you into having sex with them. These people are supposed to be your friends and allies, just to be clear.

It isn’t all bad in Heroes Rise, though. I like the fact that Jenny is always a lesbian female, whatever gender and orientation you are. And Lost Heir does have its flaws too. You can under/over-specialize a bit too easily if you’re unfamiliar with the system, and with so many different endings, it can be hard and sometimes frustrating to get the ones you are aiming for, as Boodini mentioned above.


HeroesRise loses in all categories here.
I wouldn’t even view Jenny as a mildly redeeming factor in any way, as the possibility to romance her is more and afterthought. The whole thing is more of a non-interactive novel written for a straight cis male protag, with a few alternate scene in the appendix.
Everything else that is bad about it has already been said.

Also, afaik the LH author does admit to their shortcomings and do better… sergi just pretends, which is just… I have a few select words here, but I shan’t say them


To those saying it Is difficult to compare, I implore you to compare the stat system, story, style, and enjoyment to determine which is better.

Actually, I just thought of one more thing that is a major downside of Heroes Rise for me. The fact that your character keeps using ‘slugger’ as a swear word. It just doesn’t work well as a swear word, coming off as more irritating than impactful every time it comes up.

I can’t imagine why the author chose to use it. As a censor for real swears? In that case, it would be a lot more efficient and less jarring to just not include swearing in the game in the first place. To remind readers that the game is set in the future, where people have invented new swear words? Well, to be honest, none of the game really comes off as being set in the future anyway. It’s more or less a really bland version of the present with superheroes thrown in. One swear word does not change that, one way or the other.

The other series by the same author, Versus, has the same problem; only with ‘blerg’ instead of ‘slugger’.


Wow, it is weird, I put this in the Heroes Rise category but more people are supporting The Lost Heir than Heroes Rise.

Well, it’s not like you could have put it in the Lost Heir category, now could you?

Well since I am bit new I tried edit my post 3 times in a attempt to change it to that and left it here so that that more would see it.

Worse yet… ‘bXtch’ is used.
And, LBR, ‘chicken’ in this case is a stand-in for ‘p*ssy’…

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Wait what is LBR Im a bit new

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Let’s Be Real. not a game, just an expression. no worries :slight_smile:

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Thanks i need to update my terminology in biology class.

That actually doesn’t bother me. I also find Red dwarf amusing though so maybe it’s down to personal tolerance. You’ll find most stuff published will avoid repeated hardcore swearing anyway. I know I’ll often replace them if I think it’s needed.Swearing does offend some people and will bump the censor rating up, so it depends on what you’re aiming for.

To those saying it Is difficult to compare, I implore you to compare the stat system, story, style, and enjoyment to determine which is better.

That’s just it, they’re different not necessarily better or or worse and personal preference plays a large part. For example LH is less rail roaded which is good, but I like the faster pacing of HR. LH is medievil and quite serious, HR is more present day comic style superhero. The styles are different. They’re hard to compare. I could tell you which I preferred, but it wouldn’t make it better or worse than the other one. Just my preference.

@MeltingPenguins haven’t you ever had an auntie like primary school teacher that referred to kids as chickens? (You’ve missed out they’re usually rather funny and quirky from what I’ve seen :smile: ) It can be a term of endearment serious or otherwise.


Then please tell us which do you prefer, if you dont see it as a argument then see it as a poll.

@Jacic Eh, the way Sergi uses it, it misses that mark. It might have been where he heard it, but as said the way he uses it turns it into a standin… and he seems to connect the term as being something annoying women use… another big minus.

P.S Dnt check the edits

*laughs well maybe it depends on where you first hear it that depends on whether you’ll give it a pass. I must admit, I can hear one particular teacher when that term gets used in the book and it kind of makes me smile. Oddly I know/have known a few people that use chickies, chickens and chickadees (the former often referring to adults and not in an annoying way) fairly often. I guess you get used to it.