HeroFall Power Regain Points (Spoilers)


I’ve played the amazing final chapter in Heroes Rise at least 4 times, but I can never regain the MC’s full power to the max. Has anyone manage to to max out this stat, if so how? I can never get into the 20s which is a bummer because I adore the MC’s power set. It’s possible from the achievement, but how can it be achieved?

Same here, I think the highest I got was 13

I got the achievement when I got 17, even though it said I could have gotten up to 27. So I’m not sure how that’s supposed to work.

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I got the achievement at 25 out 27, which I got in a save file where I was intentionally trying to be as ruthless and merciless as possible for the Dead Eyes achievement. It seems that most of the power usage opportunities come when you’re going down such a path. Certain traits in the opposed pairs stat sets, as well as other goals such as maximizing regime damage points seem to compromise anyone with goals to maximize their Power Regain.

I got 24/27.

Im missing some opportunity to get points between fighting Rebellion and reclaiming my powers on the meek ship.

Somehow i got 32 RDP points and 16 PRP points !