Heroes Rise - Joining games


I played Pendragon Rising on steam, and i quite liked the game, and was looking to buy another title, one that catch my eyes was Heroes Rise series, divided in to 3 games with a price tag for me (21 reais) , that is a little bit “salty” , considering the rewiews that state the game is very linear, and the only choices that really differ are in combat, still reseting the player in to the main plotline without the subtlety that you would expect on a game of this nature, so i was wondering if maybe there will be a merged release of the 3 games, costing a bit less 10-15, or i need to wait until a steam sale event where i get 40-80% discounts?

PS: I know that there is a packet of the game on steam, but is full of non-needed DLC, literally this is a choice game why would i need dlc, especialy if you cant pimp your horse with some sick armor :slight_smile:


I personally think that if you enjoyed Pendragon Rising , you’ll also really like Heroes Rise , and the reviews are mostly not reflecting the actual story, which , even though it can be linear sometimes , it makes up by being a hell of a ride ! :smile:

Also if the price is too high , you might want to just wait for a sale , or maybe get it on the Google play store (mobile) if that’s cheaper . :smile_cat:


Common man 21 reais is not expensive.
But the 3 game, they are worth the price.


Maybe in some ways, some times the story is linear. But the games themselves are quite good, so go on and spend all of your delicious money.


Piling on to what everyone else is saying, the games are good and there is a package deal for the games on mobile.