Hero Project: Redemption Season News and Discussion


TV Tropes does have a trope called “Even bad men love their mommas.”

Hell, this series has someone who fits that trope!

“Another Emma”?

Did I miss something?


An old joke about zombies exodus, never mind about it.


It would be certainly different playing an animalistic type hero (Aren’t they stigmatized or something) from an Inifini class Powered in HR 1-3. I wonder if we’ll see our old MC again…


I think HeroFall said we would, so, yeah probably!

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I absolutely LOVE animalistic superpowers (shapeshifting, taking on their strengths and weaknesses and such) because having humans display animal-like characteristics has always seemed very cool to me. And since I didn’t mind the set family relations in Heroes Rise, I don’t mind it here either. At least it gives my MC something to fight for.


HOLY S***!!! Release date:


Oh goddamn, that is so good! I love the Heroes Rise trilogy and I’ve been waiting so eagerly for this! And the little sister will be a soft spot for me since I’ve always wanted one. This is gonna be so epic! …Although I’ll miss Black Magic :heart_eyes:


Sweetness! Now to let out my excitement with fan art.


The PC is a master of a Kung Fu style.
You can choose between Tiger, Snake, Crane, Dragon and Leopard style.


Hero Project Hype!!!

Only one day to go.


It’s 12 AM, April 8 here… Where is the gameee :anguished:

sigh Timezones…


Yep. April 8, 2:34 AM here.

Yes. I am that hyped. Sleep can wait.


Sleep is for the weak. I don’t even know what sleep is.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time…


If purchasing from the steam store, the game will most likely be available there at about 5pm GMT as thats roughly when the store updates. If purchasing from the CoG website, who knows. :smile:

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So is game out today? Or something? Sincerely Cog should have a notification of releases inside the forum. So when we log a Today X game is released. Check the demo in our page. Message appeared

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1 AM here… Still awake


The game will be released on the 8th. That is almost certain I believe. Just timezones that will screw people over.

Eh. 18:20 here on the 7th. I got a good 23 hours to wait until its on steam… So I actually get to sleep.


The game is coming tomorrow.
It is not April 8th in the USA yet.


It will probably be released at a standard time, so everyone can access it at the same time, regardless of what time it is where you are.


I am torn because animal power is by far the power I less like in the world. I even prefer being powerless. So I don’t know if I could enjoy this game at all. I hope is not focused in the animal stuff orin the karate stuff. I enjoy more focused in characters and relationships between them. Become a celebrity and romance Rana

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